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7 Negroni Week Cocktails

The joy of Negroni Week is not only about enjoying the original cocktail but also exploring all the flavour variations that the variations produce.

By: Tiff Christie|September 19,2021

If you have been following Negroni Week for a while, then you still not be used to the event falling in September rather than its usual June.  But luckily, the Negroni is not one of those cocktails that is dependant on seasonal ingredients or the inconsistency of climate or weather patterns.


Coffee Negroni

Kingston Negroni

Paper Tiger

Aprés Negroni


Rhubarb Lucca Negroni

Four Poster Red

The ability of the Negroni to be drunk at any time, anywhere and in any condition is really the beauty of this drink.

Without unnecessary fuss, it is a drink that can be made at home or in a professional bar and be
made equally as well by amateurs and professionals alike.

Best of all, it can be batched and drunk on the road or sneaked into a hip flask for events as varied as a sporting event or the opera.

In its original form, it is a cocktail that is made up of three simple ingredients. And as De la Soul once wisely told us, three is the magic number.

Combine an herbaceous base spirit, a bitter liqueur and a spiced fortified wine and you have a combination that has not only endured the centuries but also spurred enough variations that the late, great Gary Regan was able to write a whole book on the topic.

And the variations are where the drink gets really interesting. Sure some of those variations are not as adaptable to circumstance or make as much of an all-terrain drink as the original but what they do offer is a variation of flavour that can at times be not only delightful but also surprising.

So get out your mixing glass and make yourself one of the Negroni variations you fine here and enjoy the different flavour profiles these riffs on the original can produce.

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7 Negroni Week Cocktails

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