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7 Strawberry Cocktails

Juicy and sweet, strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world, so why wouldn’t you use them in your cocktails?

By: Tiff Christie|December 13,2020

Strawberries are an amazing little powerhouse of a berry. When you combine the juiciness, the colour and the flavour, it’s no wonder they are considered one of the most popular fruits in the world.


Strawberry Moonshine

Strawberry Scotch Cocktail

Strawberry Bearcat

Strawberry Shrub Smash

Bourbon Blush

Strawberry Moonshine Julep

Sweetheart Martini

Interestingly though, strawberries are technically not actually a fruit at all, as their seeds are on the outside. They, along with blackberries and raspberries, are members of the rose family. But. whether they are a fruit or not, strawberries became treasured as a luxury item, eaten only by royalty.

Once they became available to us commoners, it was soon found that strawberries had a variety of health benefits including prevention of inflammation disorders and oxidative stress.

So how does all of this relate to cocktails? Well, strictly speaking, it doesn’t, but it helps explain why we have all attracted to the flavour of this slightly sweet, slightly tart, and always delicious berry.

And they don’t have to be reserved for the summer months. Sure, in winter strawberries might not be strictly in the season but that is what the frozen fruit section of your supermarket is for. The point is that strawberry cocktails are light, refreshing and usually really simple to throw together

So no matter what the weather you will find that strawberries add a light, bright addition to your cocktail. Strawberries help create some amazing drinks that are elegant with an edge of fun. They work well with most spirits and can add a nice fruity twist to any drink.

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7 Strawberry Cocktails

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