Fever-Tree Adds Premade Cocktail Mixers To It's Arsenal

Having conquered the world of effervescence, Global Mixer brand, Fever-Tree is setting its sights on the world of cocktail mixers.

By: Tiff Christie|April 25,2023

Fever-Tree, the world’s number one premium brand for simple mixed drinks, launches a new range of cocktail mixers expertly crafted to elevate America’s two most popular cocktail occasions – the Bloody Mary and the Margarita*.


The brand’s pioneering approach for putting quality, taste and choice back into the mixer aisle now sees their expansion beyond carbonated offerings with the release of Fever-Tree Classic Bloody Mary and Fever-Tree Classic & Light Margarita.

Mixing With The Best

“We’re just scratching the surface of the potential growth and innovation in the premium cocktail mixer category,” said Charles Gibb, CEO of Fever-Tree North America. “As with carbonated mixers, the non-carbonated category is primed for tremendous growth and represents a bigger market opportunity than tonic water alone. It’s the perfect time for Fever-Tree to enter the market.”

“From Tonic to Mules and Palomas to now with the launch of Classic Bloody Mary and Fever-Tree Classic & Light Margarita, we have consumers covered by offering a comprehensive range to uplift any drinking occasion,” Gibbs continued. “We’re the beverage brand that has everything you need to easily enjoy a night in, a night out, or a get-together with friends and family.”

Over the past three years, the premium cocktail mixer category has grown by 27%, thanks to the popularization of premium spirits. It is poised for tremendous growth over the next three years. This, along with Fever-Tree’s demonstrated success in the carbonated mixer category, sets the brand up to revolutionize the premium non-carbonated category and once again to deliver on taste, quality ingredients and ease.

Fever-Tree Classic Bloody Mary and Fever-Tree Classic & Light Margarita introduces a better way to mix while upping the ante with unique, enticing flavour profiles and can be used in various ways across the bar.


These three mixers, with three or more ingredients, are typically time-consuming. So the Fever-Tree range aims to simplify this process and celebrate the occasion so that everyone, from home bartenders to bar pros, can have the confidence to easily make a lighter, sophisticated, quality drink with just two ingredients, a garnish and absolutely no compromise.

Tasting Notes

“We know our customers are looking for a delicious cocktail mixer that they can easily recreate their favourite bar order with the premium liquor of their choice,” added Emma White, Fever-Tree Brand Director.

“We also know they’re hoping to recreate the bar experience in the comfort of their own home with friends and family, or even by themselves, without the noise and crowd of an actual bar,” White continued. “Our new Bloody Mary and Light & Classic Margarita mix are the delicious and authentic answer to that quest with the added benefit of the quality and taste they’ve come to expect from Fever-Tree products.”

Made using the same expertise expended to procure its award-winning tonics, gingers, and sparklings, the new additions to the Fever-Tree range are entirely crafted with naturally sourced ingredients, free of GMOs, and contain no artificial sweeteners or colours.


Celebrating the finest and carefully naturally sourced ingredients, including zesty limes and agave from Mexico, California tomatoes and Spanish sea salt, Fever-Tree has crafted the ideal mixes to create authentic vodka-driven Bloody Marys and tequila-powered Margaritas. Fever-Tree Classic Bloody Mary and Fever-Tree Classic & Light Margarita complement the best premium spirits by leading with savoury aromas, full flavours, and lasting refreshments. The new mixers come in 750 ml bottles, perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Classic Bloody Mary Mix – Made with the finest Californian tomatoes & a unique blend of spices for a complex yet balanced flavour. Add vodka and stir for a deliciously bold & spicy Bloody Mary.

Classic Margarita Mix – Crafted with the finest Mexican Limes, Mexican agave & a touch of Spanish sea salt. Expertly blended, creating the perfect balance of sweet & tart for a deliciously refreshing Margarita. Add tequila or mezcal and shake or stir over ice for a deliciously zesty & authentic margarita.

Light Margarita Mix – Made with the same perfect blend of ingredients as our Classic Margarita, with 58% less sugar & calories for a deliciously bright & refreshing Margarita. 50 Calories per 4Fl. Oz Serving with no artificial sweeteners.

Fever- Tree’s ever-evolving unrivalled range is endorsed by the country’s leading tastemakers, and spirits brands continue to transform the perception of the wider mixer category.

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Fever-Tree Adds Premade Cocktail Mixers To It's Arsenal

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