Liber & Co Brings AI To Your Bar Cart

Liber & Co has developed a website that utilises artificial intelligence to influence the way you find cocktail recipes for your home bar

By: Tiff Christie|November 2,2023

Cocktail syrup producer Liber & Co has joined forces with creative agency Hunt.Gather to create a new website, Chat With Liber.

The free website, which leverages Hunt.Gather’s proprietary AI platform Annui, has been designed to provide a mixology experience like no other.

After being greeted by the company’s namesake Liber, the Roman god of fine drinks and good times, the website will allow users to enter prompts based on preferences to receive custom AI-generated recipes and instructions, as well as be given tips and tricks.

“AI has been the subject of so much excitement in the last year, and we’ve always wanted to bring our cocktail database to life. So when Hunt, Gather approached us with the opportunity to incorporate this extremely unique technology into our brand, we knew it was a moment where stars were aligning,” said Adam Higginbotham, co-founder of Liber & Co.


“We’re always asked for recipe suggestions, and this tool will bring so much excitement and utility to our customers, who can explore new ideas and drinks using Liber syrups endlessly. It couldn’t be a more perfect fit! ”

The technology utilises Liber & Co.’s expansive drink database and trusted cocktail resources from across the web. It offers customisation of personal preferences that allows the input of specifications such as dietary restrictions and ingredients on hand.

To find out more, we asked Ryan Delafosse, Director of Strategy at Hunt.Gather a few questions about the AI

Who is the AI aimed at?
We always start with the brand’s audience, and then think about how AI can help deliver them an incredible experience. So, in this case, we know Liber & Co has a hugely passionate and knowledgeable fan base. We wanted to utilize AI to give them a memorable experience that lets them push their knowledge of cocktails. But the great thing about AI is it will meet people on their level, so if you come to this experience and don’t know a ton about cocktails, you can still have a great interaction.

Why is the AI better than a Google search?
Traditional search tends to be noisy (and ads), leaving people hunting and pecking for the right answer. AI allows us to offer the answer you’re looking for on a silver platter in an engaging way. We let AI do the heavy lifting of looking through volumes of information in a second, giving you more time to do something with the answer you were looking for.

How did Hunt.Gather come up with the idea?
We are big fans of the brand, and as we were thinking about good starting points for an AI experience, we realized what a treasure trove of data Liber has. Plus, the versatility of the syrups meant it could recommend cocktails or mocktails…it made for a really universal experience.

How easy is it to find recipes?
Chat with Liber is user-friendly and easy to navigate even if you’ve never used AI before, with the site prompting you for cocktail recommendations as soon as you land on the page. From there, Chat with Liber will guide you through the process, offering recipes and suggestions in a matter of seconds.

If you don’t have an ingredient, will the AI find an alternative ingredient or offer an alternative recipe?
If users do not have a specified ingredient, they can ask Chat with Liber for ingredient substitutions based on what they have in their pantry.

How much information do you give to the AI?
Users can provide as little or as much information as they want to churn out cocktail recommendations. The more specific your prompts are, the more customized your drink recommendation will be.

Do you let it know your skill level as well?
Chat with Liber does not provide details on skill level for recipe curation, but the tool provides detailed, step-by-step instructions and measurements to walk you through the process, no matter how skilled at mixology you are.

Will the AI provide a picture of the drink? And images of the method?
Currently, Chat with Liber does not provide pictures of the cocktail or recipe-making process.

Will the AI remember what you have on hand, or must you re-set the parameters each time you use it?
Each time you close out of Chat with Liber, you’ll refresh the chat system.

Is the AI searching all over the internet or just with the set recipes that Liber already has? Will the AI only suggest drinks that incorporate a Liber product?
It does not pull directly from the internet. We use our platform to direct the AI on tone and intent, ensuring it starts with Liber recipes, uses its body of knowledge to deviate from that database to satisfy a user’s requests as needed and then delivers the final recipe in a really engaging way.
Our platform prioritizes drinks with Liber products but will ultimately do its best to satisfy the user’s question.

Will the AI respond to prompts like low ABV? Or strong?
Liber & Co. is very popular among non-alcoholic drinkers and Chat with Liber offers hundreds of non-alcoholic recipes.

What does the company want the user experience to be?
We hope the experience delivers a moment of joy to users. We love that people can play with it for as little or as long as they find it fun. Experienced users might find inspiration, novices might find education – it’s flexible to meet any user’s intent.

Will the AI suggest glassware, etc?
Chat with Liber is happy to provide glassware recommendations for specific cocktails when prompted.

Chat with Liber is completely free. To access, go to

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Liber & Co Brings AI To Your Bar Cart

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