The Glenlivet & Anna Paquin Break The Whisky Stereotype

The Glenlivet and award-winning actor Anna Paquin seek to change the outdated perception of the stereotypical whisky drinker.

By: Tiff Christie|April 27,2022

If you ever thought that Whisky was just a man’s drink, then Academy Award Winner Anna Paquin and renowned Single Malt Scotch The Glenlivet are about to change your mind, as they rip up the rule book on whisky drinking traditions.


In the brand’s provocative new campaign, The Glenlivet shows that it’s on a mission to break with whisky drinker stereotypes and shine a light on all, no matter what sex, who are appreciators of a dram. appreciators. As Paquin says in the new commercial, “Whisky doesn’t care what’s between your legs, so why should we be told to follow these rules?”

Noting her first experience with The Glenlivet, Paquin broke conventions by adding tonic to the whisky,I first discovered Glenlivet while I was working in Scotland. While it tastes great on its own, I found it’s even yummier when you add a little mixer and create a cocktail.

Paquin was selected to become the face of The Glenlivet Australia and New Zealand due to her ongoing invitation to flip convention on its head.

The Glenlivet Australia and New Zealand Marketing Manager Kristy Rutherford said that although Whisky has long been seen as a symbol of power, drunk solely by middle-aged, white men behind closed doors of the ‘Old Boys’ Clubs’, the research reveals that in fact, one-third of whisky drinkers globally are women.

The Australian and New Zealand campaign builds on The Glenlivet global mission to change the outdated perception of the stereotypical whisky drinker. To challenge the cultural norm of the whisky drinker as a middle-aged white man, The Glenlivet is infiltrating search engine algorithms, purposefully planting images to change the visual landscape.

#BreakTheStereotype celebrates inclusivity within whisky and is the first in a series of bold ambitions The Glenlivet is undertaking as part of their new platform, ‘This Is Whisky’.


Now when searching ‘whisky drinker’ using Google Images™, the user is greeted with diverse real whisky drinkers. Consumer Research conducted by Pernod Ricard Australia & New Zealand between 2015-202 shows nearly a third of female drinkers drink whisky monthly, a 40% increase since 2015. The brand, therefore, concluded that females are adopting whisky at four times the rate of males.

The launch film, directed by famed fashion director and photographer, Jamie Nelson at her 1968 Hollywood Regency-style house in LA, sees Anna turning whisky drinking traditions on their head.

For more on the campaign and #BreakTheStereotype, head to The Glenlivet’s website.

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The Glenlivet & Anna Paquin Break The Whisky Stereotype

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