Do Whatever Taste Good With Malibu

Malibu is launching a global brand refresh, spearheaded by a sun-soaked film from award-winning director Dave Meyers

By: Tiff Christie|April 26,2022

If Doing Whatever Tastes Good has been your mantra, then the stars have just aligned you with the global Coconut Rum Liqueur brand, Malibu.

Spearheaded by a sun-soaked film from award-winning director Dave Meyers, the liqueur has launched a branding refresh that welcomes everyone to Malibu.


Created with Wieden+Kennedy London, encourages consumers to live with the summer mindset all year. Whether that’s sipping a piña colada in the summer while shamelessly enjoying the top pop hits, or mixing Malibu and Lemon-Lime Soda at a holiday party. Malibu says: “Do Whatever Tastes Good.”

Off the back of a stellar year of growth in 2021, this brand refresh aims to keep the momentum by moving Malibu firmly back into culture and into even more consumers’ repertoires. The campaign features a wide range of moments and new ways in which to enjoy Malibu, from refreshing cocktails to flavours and ready to drink serves.

Tad Greenough Chief Creative Officer, The Absolut Company said: “We knew that Malibu needed a creative and strategic step change, and I knew that there was no better agency than W+K for this reset. We are delighted with the campaign and the renewed energy and excitement it will give our brand.”

The new campaign will launch across all key markets including the US and Europe, led by a colour-drenched film, directed by the iconic Dave Meyers, famed for genre-defining music videos.

Katy Edelsten and Rachel Clancy, W+K creatives, said: “Like a perfect pop track or your cushiest velour sweatpants, Malibu is unashamedly mainstream and deliciously uncomplicated.”

“Our brief was to move Malibu beyond the confines of sun loungers and coconut cups, so we created an entire magical, musical world (which still has a prominent role for coconuts, don’t you worry). Malibu is a place where summer is a mindset, residents serve all sunshine and no shade, and where we invite all who visit us to Do Whatever Tastes Good.”

The spot, “Welcome to Malibu”, takes viewers into the world of Malibu on “Coco” – the fabulous coconut horse – where they find a hyper-real, inclusive space where everyone is doing what they like, whenever they like, with Malibu’s summer vibe shining out across all seasons.

The film, which is produced by RadicalMedia, will be supported by a huge integrated campaign across online, digital, out of home and in-store. The brand refresh will also be unmissable on social channels, with an extensive range of assets including AV, GIFs, stickers and behind the scenes content.

Johan Radojewski VP Marketing, Malibu said: “The exciting thing about this campaign is that it reframes the traditional summer Malibu occasion from a time and place to a mindset you can find any time. By inviting our consumers to ‘Do Whatever Tastes Good‘ we are capturing the spirit of summer and making it relevant all year round. Giving our audience permission to enjoy whatever it is that they like, whenever they like.”

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Do Whatever Taste Good With Malibu

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