Buchanan Unveils lastest Iteration of 200% campaign

Buchanan’s celebrates the unique duality and cultural contributions of those who identify as 100% American and 100% Hispanic

By: Tiff Christie|November 7,2023

Scotch Whiskey brand Buchanan has unveiled its newest “We are the spirit of the 200%” marketing campaign, featuring Saturday Night Live breakout comedian Marcello Hernández and a cast of Hispanic American creators.

Celebrating the unique duality and cultural contributions of those who identify as 100% American and 100% Hispanic, the campaign raises a glass to those who embrace being de aquí y de allá (from here, and there).

Inspired by Brooklyn-born Boricua writer Elisabet Velásquez’s poem “Can I be Puerto Rican?,” the :30 hero holiday film is centered around a diverse group of 200%ers of different backgrounds come together for all 200% holiday occasions, showcasing the ways Hispanic Americans honor their homeland through different foods, music, clothes, and rituals to create new memories.

To represent the broad diversity within the 200% community, Buchanan’s brought together an influential cast of Hispanic American creatives and pioneers across the country to co-create and star in the campaign, ensuring every scene, voice over and creative detail was brought to life with authenticity.


The series of original short films depicts a cast with unique stories, style and experiences showcasing there is no one right way to be a 200%er:

  • Stand-up comedian Marcello Hernández from Miami with Cuban-Dominican roots has broken out as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live.” His comedy often touches on topics many 200%ers experience, from familiar anecdotes about his mamá to his passion for fútbol and growing up bicultural.
  • Kids of Immigrants, a brand, a cultural collective and movement based in Los Angeles co-founded by Daniel Buezo, Honduran-American CEO and Debbie Gonzales, Mexican-American Creative Director. With KOI they are celebrating their roots while hoping to inspire and foster a sense of unity among all individuals. At the heart of their mission lies the powerful message of “Spread Love” and “Support Your Friends,” which serves as a guiding principle for how they actively empower and uplift their communities.
  • NYC-based cultural archivists Djali Brown-Cepeda and Ricardo Castañeda of NuevaYorkinos, whose platform preserves Latino and Caribbean personal histories through submissions from the local community, celebrating the resiliency of immigrants in the U.S. through their stories and experiences.
  • Music curator DJ VRYWVY who is a proud Mexican-born Dallas-based DJ and creator of VRYLATIN and VRYBILINGUAL parties that celebrate Latin culture and dual cultures, being a Mexican immigrant aimed at inspiring the next generation of DJs and creatives through music.

“This campaign is meant to honour the 200%-ers across the U.S. who are always finding unique and authentic ways to make Buchanan’s Whisky a part of their celebrations,” said Josh Dean, Vice President of Buchanan’s Whisky North America. “That’s why we collaborated with our familia of 200% trailblazers to really showcase how diverse Hispanic Americans are and shine a light on these new traditions being created across communities.”

Beyond the advertising creative, Buchanan’s will host a series of events and giveback initiatives happening this holiday season across local communities rooted in food and nightlife, demonstrating the unique magic that’s conjured when 200%-ers come together to share a meal with family and friends.

This campaign is meant to honour the 200%-ers across the U.S. who are always finding unique and authentic ways to make Buchanan’s Whisky a part of their celebrations

Family Cena, Vibra Buena 200% Dinner Series: Co-curated by local chefs and our familia of 200%ers, the local dinner series captures how each carries the unique customs of their heritage into modern-day festivities to create the ultimate 200% dinner experience.

200% Family Meal Giveback Program: As part of Buchanan’s 200% Futuro Fund, the brand is partnering with local organizations like No Us Without You and Street Vendor Project to provide family meals to the many 200% bartenders, cooks and service-industry professionals who work behind the scenes to bring meals to our tables.

Noche Buena Holiday Contest: This holiday season, Buchanan’s Whisky invites fans to share their Noche Buena magic by submitting their festive feasts, cherished traditions, and heartwarming moments with friends and familia online for a chance to celebrate with Buchanan’s.

200% Food & Drink Content: The brand collaborated with Mexican-American bartenders Othón Nolasco and Damian Diaz of No Us Without You to create a series of locally-inspired holiday cocktails like the Horchata DeLuxe and the Piña Apple Cider for fans 21+ to pair with their favorite dishes this season.

Whether gifting your loved ones or mixing up cocktails, there’s a Buchanan’s option for everyone. Order your bottle today and get delivered to your door via

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Buchanan Unveils lastest Iteration of 200% campaign

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