Spirit Brands Look To Relatable Campaigns

The world has changed dramatically in the last few months and spirit brands are creating campaigns that reflect that

By: Tiff Christie|July 21,2020

With the world’s bars either still in lockdown or slowly opening to adhere to social distancing guidelines, alcohol brands have pivoted their marketing to appeal to consumers in relatable ways.

Whether it’s looking at how we’ve all been dealing with the lockdown or offering possible solutions to issues that effect us all, brands are looking to be part of the conversation, believing that staying connected to existing or potential customers will pay dividends in the long run.

These are five of the more interesting recent campaigns.

Bacardi unveils first-ever remotely shot film campaign

Last month, Bacardi launched a new digital ad that appealed directly to how people have been spending their time in quarantine. Centring around the idea that even if the world outside stops moving, you don’t have to, the ad stars three real roommates, who starred, shot, styled, and lit the film, all while in isolation.

The spot, called Bacardi Roommates, features three real New York flatmates who answered a call to shoot the lockdown video. It shows the trio doing relatable at-home activities while enjoying some of Bacardi Rum’s latest releases. These included the Bacardi Superior White rum and the new Bacardi Real Rum Cocktail.

The roommates received professional lighting equipment and 30 hours of Zoom tutorials on lighting and interior décor to prep their apartment. The final film was the result of two days of filming, 15 boxes of props, and zero physical outsider interference.

Ardbeg and DJ BBQ launch The Smoke Series


Islay distillery Ardberg has partnered with barbecue expert DJ BBQ to create an online series that will guide food and drink lovers through creating barbecue dishes and smoky whisky cocktails at home.

Applying the rules of ‘smoke, wood and heat’, DJ BBQ will The Smoke Sessions will see DJ BBQ (real name Christian Stevenson) show consumers that it’s easy to go beyond the realms of basic barbecue burgers with a little creativity and a ton of smoky goodness.

The Ardbeg Smoke Sessions will feature barbecue dishes and drinks using expressions like Ardbeg Ten, An Oa and Wee Beastie. The sessions are available on Ardbeg’s social channels, including Youtube, Instagram and Facebook now.

Diageo provides online hosting tips with ‘Virtual Good Host Guide’

Spirits company Diageo has launched the ‘Virtual Good Host Guide’ social media campaign to help customers navigate the world of virtual hosting.

The campaign features a series of short animations that provide digital hosting tips which include picking a theme for online celebrations, planning the perfect playlist, and reminding people to measure their pours.

Diageo Chief Sustainability Officer Ewan Andrew commented: “While we all navigate the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to provide tips to help people be good virtual hosts as they socialise with friends and family. This guide serves up great tips in an accessible format and will help people make positive and responsible choices about alcohol at home.”

Bacardi Snapchat lens encourages 1m distancing


In the UK, Bacardi has also unveiled a new Snapchat lens featuring a Caribbean island – but it will only work if users are standing at least one metre apart in keeping with updated physical distancing rules.

Users who activate the lens will be told how much further they need to stand back to maintain the required one-metre distance. Once this has been achieved, a Caribbean island will appear, along with sunglasses, palm trees and the official Bacardi rum anthem, the Sound of Rum.

Fabio Ruffet, brand director of Bacardi Europe, said: “We know that people have a special bond with their local bars and restaurants and ensuring they can return to celebrate in style is something we feel passionately about. The UK bar scene has suffered a great deal during the pandemic and we are so pleased to see our bartenders back behind the bar – while maintaining social distance of course.”

Hit pause on hate


French drinks giant Pernod Ricard is to create a crowdsourcing app that gives consumers and those affected by hate speech on social media the power to identify and report objectionable content directly to brands and companies.

Brands can then leverage their influence with social media platforms to help ensure the content is reviewed and removed if warranted. The app will be an additional resource for individuals, brands and social media platforms to use in the fight to stop hate speech online, Pernod Ricard said

“The world is waking up to the reality that we all have a role to play in stopping the spread of hate speech, racism and misinformation on social media platforms,” said Pernod Ricard USA CEO Ann Mukherjee.

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Spirit Brands Look To Relatable Campaigns

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