Vodka & Grapefruit Juice

Main Spirit Vodka
Difficulty Easy
Technique Built

This classic, bitter drink makes quite a few appearances in a number of the work of Bret Easton Ellis. In his memoir, White, he mentions the combo of Vodka & Grapefruit juice saying “I found her stillness intimidating, so as a hungover, shaggy twenty-one-year-old I ordered a midday vodka and grapefruit juice to settle my nerves”.


  • 2 oz. 60ml Vodka
  • 3 oz. 90ml Grapefruit Juice
Display: oz. ml.




Pour vodka into a rocks glass, then add ice and grapefruit juice (we’ve used a ruby grapefruit but a white grapefruit would work as easily).


Lime wedge

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