The Dude Abides

Main Spirit Brandy
Difficulty Easy
Technique Shaken

As the name suggests, The Dude Abides is a riff on a White Russian but more than that, the drink with it’s Brandy, Vodka, Amarula and Cold Brew Syrup is a tribute to the Cohen Brother’s The Big Lebowski itself … right down to the ‘rug’ the drink is presented on (it really ties the drink together …)


  • 0.85 oz. 26ml Brandy (Karo)
  • 0.85 oz. 26ml Vodka (Hope Distillery)
  • 0.85 oz. 26ml Amarula Liqueur
  • 0.41 oz. 12ml Cold Brew Syrup
  • 3 drop 3 drop CBD cinnamon oil
Display: oz. ml.




Shake all ingredients in an ice filled shaker, then strain into a small glass sphere with crushed ice


To get the full effect, place on mini Persian carpet and light the cassia quill “joint”

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