Malibu & Jax Want to Know If You Like Pina Colada ...

Malibu wants to transform summer from just being a season into a full-blown mindset with its remixed version of “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)”

By: Tiff Christie|June 21,2023

Like the personal ad from the song, the Coconut Rum brand Malibu is celebrating the first day of summer across the US by asking, ‘Do you like Pina Colada …?’

The brand has collaborated with singing sensation Jax to put everyone in a summer state of mind with the release of a modern remix of the karaoke crowd-pleaser, “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)”

Originally released in 1979, the song, made famous by Rupert Holmes, embodies the essence of what it means to Escape, while still capturing the summer mindset. In the same vein, Malibu is on a mission to reintroduce summer, taking it from a season to a mindset, by encouraging everyone to embrace the bright and colourful aesthetic, while being bold enough to unplug and live in the moment.

“We’re celebrating Malibu’s status as the go-to brand for Piña Coladas1 by spotlighting the iconic cocktail’s ability to unlock carefree confidence and inspire our consumers to Do Whatever Tastes Good,” said Matt Foley, Vice President of Marketing, Malibu. “We hope to further establish the Piña Colada in culture, making it symbolic of a lifestyle not just during the summer, but one that goes beyond that with this feel-good favourite song that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.”

Blending ’70s and ’80s nostalgia against the backdrop of a Piña Colada-themed celebration, the release includes a music video directed by the acclaimed Drew Kirsch and conceptualized and created by Wieden+Kennedy London. All about carefree fun, sunny optimism and doing what you truly love, the video includes synchronized swimmers, vibrant fashion, celebrity cameos and guests embodying Malibu’s signature free-spirited attitude. 

“Just like that first sip of Malibu, there’s something special about The Piña Colada Song that you hear and are transported from any moment to one that exudes summertime fun,” said Jax. “This widely popular tune that I had the opportunity to remix is the essence of summer vibes and the perfect backdrop for any drinking occasion with Malibu.”

Malibu Piña Colada



  • 1 Part Malibu
  • 1 ½ Parts Pineapple Juice
  • ½ Parts Coconut Cream


Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add ingredients. Shake. Strain into glass.

If you like Piña Coladas, join the celebration and enter for a chance to win a $15 Venmo as part of Malibu’s pledge to give away a total of $100,000 to Piña Colada enthusiasts. To learn more, visit and follow @malibrumus #MalibuPinaColada.

Or make your own Pina Colada by clicking our affiliate link for Malibu with Reserve Bar. Must be 21 or older to purchase.

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Malibu & Jax Want to Know If You Like Pina Colada ...

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