Be Dazzled By Disco At JoJo's Beloved

It’s been a hard two years, so Sophie Burton, the Beverage Manager for JoJo’s Beloved in Atlanta, says it’s time to have a bit of fun.

By: Tiff Christie|August 20,2021

JoJo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge beckons the 1970s and the 1980s glamour with an era-inspired bar program and ambience that takes guests on a trip back in time.

With a distinctly modern take on nostalgic cocktails, JoJo’s Beloved features a cathedral height ceiling and a brooding and romantic atmosphere that mixes late ‘70s disco with notes of ‘80s futurism.

“Brown drinks on the rocks next to subway tile have been thoroughly explored at this point, so I’ve chosen to focus on fun, garishly colored drinks that challenge the biases about what can and can’t be fancy or technical,” said Sophie Burton, beverage director of JoJo’s Beloved. “We’re on the soul train to maximalism here — welcome aboard.”

Beverage Director Sophie Burton Photo Credit Denny Culbert. (All other images by Lindsay Butler)

 The cocktail menu includes drinks like the funky Bluetsy Collins with Weber Blue Agave Tequila, slightly-spicy blue cordial, cocktail foam, topped with sparkling water; and the Sagittarius Sour, a play on a Midori Sour with Singani, Midori, Bianco Bitter, lemon juice, simple syrup and cocktail foam.
For the wine program, Burton has curated an era-inspired wine list featuring time capsule wines like chablis and merlot and a section highlighting the power of bubbles.

“Our beverage programs are at the heart of what we do, serving as a gathering place for the exploration of intentional beverages,” said Will Donaldson, CEO of the bar’s parent company, Politan Group.

“We’re thrilled to bring JoJo’s Beloved to Politan Row and couldn’t have tapped anyone better suited to lead such a unique bar program and cocktail experience than Burton.”

From its cocktails and dramatic ambience to its hidden location and all-vinyl ‘70s and ‘80s soundtrack, JoJo’s Beloved channels a time of rollerskates and mixtapes, when seedy glamour, indulgence and boogie reigned supreme.

We speak with beverage manager Sophie Burton about crafting the drinks menu, the interior style and allowing your staff to be the DJs.

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Be Dazzled By Disco At JoJo's Beloved

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