Patrón Tequila Pays It Forward With A $25,000 Craftsmanship Grant

Patrón Tequila wants to give back to grassroots and community craftspeople in Australia with a $25,000 grant called Patrón 60 Hands

By: Tiff Christie|October 12,2020

Patrón Tequila has always had an eye for the skill, patience and dedication that is needed to create the hand-made and the hand-crafted.

Spurred by the handwrought nature of their own liquid, their bottles and the undeniable talent of their Maestra tequilera, the brand has long sought to inspire, encourage and highlight those whose values are similar to the brands.


With this in mind, the brand is looking to give back to grassroots and community craftspeople with anew grant called Patrón 60 hands – Pay It Forward. The $AU25,000 grant has been designed to ‘pay it forward’ to the Australian creative community so as to help them continue their craft.

“The craftsmanship that goes into the making of a handmade item is incredible,” said Stephanie Sarantakos, Patrón Tequila Australia’s Brand Manager. “We’re looking forward to seeing entries from far and wide across Australia.

“Patrón itself is a refined handcrafted spirit, so there is a great synergy between the craftsmanship of our tequila and these makers, and we want to nurture these talented craftspeople through Patrón 60 Hands.

PATRÓN 60 Hands is a national call out to those in the handmade fields of design (sculptors, ceramicists, industrial designers, landscape designers, sustainable designers, interior designers), fashion (tailoring, fashion and jewellery designers) and hospitality industries (chefs, bartenders), and is about honouring and nurturing talented craftspeople, and helping them hone their abilities.


To apply for the grant, makers are asked to submit a short video explaining what craftsmanship means to them, and how the $25,000 grant would help them support their craft.

The judging panel consists of design and architecture connoisseur and comedian Tim Ross, Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman (founders of renowned Australian fashion label Camilla And Marc)  and Phil Wood, Pt. Leo Estate’s celebrated Culinary Director. (known for his award-winning cuisine and use of local produce).

Also architects Ingrid Richards and Adrian Spence of award-winning Brisbane firm Richards & Spence (the architects behind The Calile Hotel), founder and creative director of White Story, Fiona Myer, industrial designer and founder of international surfboard brand HaydenShapes, Hayden Cox, and ceramicist and Artichoke magazine editor Cassie Hansen.

”When we have been so often separated from each other this year, finding time to reward and encourage the craftspeople who nurture the soul with the skill of their hands has never been more important,” said Wood.

Craftspeople who wish to apply for the Patrón 60 Hands grant are invited to submit an application via the website, Applications are open now, and close at midnight on Friday 23 October (AEST)

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Patrón Tequila Pays It Forward With A $25,000 Craftsmanship Grant

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