Release The Krakenory

Can’t find anything to watch on Netflix, the Kraken Rum have you covered with the Krakenory, where actors and musicians read tales from the deep.

By: Tiff Christie|April 7,2020

Since we all have too much time on our hands, the educationists at the Kraken Rum thought that it would be a good time to bring a little culture to the table and expand our Kraken and ‘all that resides in the murky deep’ knowledge.

Inspired by BBC children’s television programme Jackanory, the brand has released the Krakenory, a weekly series where celebrities read audiobooks and excerpts from stories or poems that bring the tales from the deep to life.

The first week featured Carl Barât, co-frontman (with Pete Doherty) of the garage rock band The Libertines. Of the experience, he said, “If listening to my dulcet tones reading from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea helps you escape, even for 25 minutes or so, then pull up a pew, make yourself a cocktail and embark on a voyage into the unknown.”

The second week featured actor Mark Strong of ‘1917’, ‘The Imitation Game’ and the ‘Kingsman’ franchise fame. Strong read extracts from classic tales including ‘The Kraken’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson, ‘Dover Beach’ by Matthew Arnold and ‘Part II of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ by Samuel Coleridge.

Speaking about the venture, the British actor said: “I’ve played some villains in my time, but when it comes to the bad guys, nothing compares to the mighty Kraken, as viewers of ‘Krakenory’ will soon find out.

“So come join us on a voyage to the unknown. Once you’re lost in the pages, you never know where you’ll end up.”

Since the ‘new normal’ dictates that we are to live in strange, uncertain times, the brand is championing the idea that we all must find interesting ways to keep ourselves amused.

Alongside each episode, Kraken will also unveil a bespoke rum-based cocktail created by bartenders from across the UK. Ahead of each instalment, Kraken will announce the ingredients for the cocktail and encouraging consumers to mix up the drink at home.

The videos are released weekly and can be seen on YouTube and the Kraken’s official Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Release The Krakenory

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