Explore A Great British Rum

With so many countries of origin and different distilling methods, exploration is the key to rums, but what if your rum was actually created by an explorer?

By: Tiff Christie|November 14,2019

Have you ever wondered what the Great British Rum would taste like? Well, it seems that the answer is coming from the most unlikely of sources. Sir Ranulph Fiennes, one of the world’s greatest living explorers, has joined with distillers, English Spirit Ltd, to release a rum that redefines barrelling. 

Now we all know that rum, with so many global producers, engaging in different distilling methods and adding their own terroir, is very much an exploration in flavour. But now that sense of exploration is being taken quite literally. 

Exotic woods from some of Sir Ranulph’s most iconic adventures (Sequoia from Canada, Pine from Norway and Date Palm from Oman) are being used to deliver the flavour profile of multiple adventure in one bottle. 


But the wood is not being used in the way you think. The Master Distiller for English Spirit Ltd,  Dr John Walters, has developed a brand new way of making rum. Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Great British Rum will; not be sitting in the barrels made from the wood. Instead, the wood will be put in the still.

“Rum has always been associated with exploration and adventure,” said Sir Fiennes, “but I only wanted to work with a distillery that was daring and determined. 

It seems that he found that daring at English Spirit Ltd. “When Dr John told me of the world’s doubt that Britain could make a truly great rum, well, that sealed the deal,” he continued. “From that moment, we aimed to tread new ground.”

And Sir Fiennes is not a man to take his adventures lately. He has vertically circumnavigating the world; crossed both Antarctica and the Arctic on foot; discovering the Lost City of Ubar in Oman; and climbing Mount Everest at 65 years old. 

It could be said that he is one of the world’s finest examples of daring, endurance and determination. And it was that spirit of adventure, spirit and quality that Sir Fiennes wanted to recreate in liquid form. 

Made with 100% pure sugar cane molasses, the triple distilling concentrates the rich flavours of the molasses and strip out the undesirable harsh elements to create a smooth and refined high-quality spirit.

While the technique used of distilling the rum with wood may sound deceptively simple, English Spirit has sought to extract the unique flavour profiles of each of the woods. By distilling with these woods, rather than infusing, the brand were able to grab a different range of flavours that influence the molasses base.


The wood has been inspired by some of Sir Fiennes favourite and best-known expeditions. The Canadian sequoia celebrates his British Columbia Rivers Expedition, the Norwegian pine is in honour of his Jostedalsbreen Glacier expedition and the Omani date palm commemorates his Lost City of Ubar expedition. 

“This launch represents a milestone for British rum production,” said Dr Walters. “We are putting a marker into the ground that Britain can produce a premium, quality rum and it’s the perfect testament to a legendary British expedition leader.”

On the distillery’s website, they comment that they have not only produced a rum that is timeless but also opened the door for an entirely new dimension of flavour influences. “We are excited to see where this exciting adventure into rum production takes us. 

“We’re also proud to be working with Sir Ran in this endeavour: what better partner for a fine spirit that we hope will challenge assumptions and help to cement England as a producer of fine rum.

The tasting notes for the rum describe it as having a deep orange, caramel and spiced Christmas cake on the nose. The palette presents Tobacco and vanilla flavours, followed by a mix of milk and dark chocolate, with a finish of golden liquorice.”

For more information of the limited First Edition release of Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Great British Rum, go to This limited release is wrapped in a replica map from Ran’s expedition to the Lost City of Ubar in 1992, and presented in a beautiful box

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Explore A Great British Rum

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