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7 Lillet Rose Cocktails

Honestly, why would you ever Rosé, when you can easily make a variety of amazing summertime Cocktails with the incomparable Lillet Rose?

By: Tiff Christie|January 13,2019

After a long hot day that has turned into a humid night, there is no better way to unwind and relax with friends, than with the refreshingly floral flavour of a cocktail made with Lillet Rose.


Reverse Rose Martini

Lillet Rose Tonic

Sweet Charity

Dear Prudence

Berry Barracuda

La Coquette

Now you may be thinking that Pink coloured alcohol is so last season, Darling. Be reassured, as you lie by the pool with a Lillet Rose-based Cocktail in hand that this is one pink alcohol that will never go out of fashion. In fact, forget the Rosé, Lillet Rose is just as tasty, much more versatile and seriously the one bottle you should have constantly in the fridge all summer.

The youngest of the Lillet family, Lillet Rose was launched in May 2012 and was the first new product to be released from Lillet in over 50 years. Although she’s young, especially compared to her older sister Lillet Blanc who has 100+ years on her, Rose, especially in summer, is very much the darling of the family.

It is, therefore, no wonder that this darling was honoured with Double Gold and named “Best apéritif” in the last years San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

A blend of the wines along with citrus and red berry liqueurs, Rose is a rather elegant wine-based aperitif, that should always be served chilled (between 6° and 8°). And at 34 proof, it’s so easy on the palate that you need to be careful not to mistake for rosé wine.


The Rose is blended with red and white Grand Cru Bordeaux wines used to make Lillet Rouge and Lillet Blanc respectively. To this, Peruvian quinine is added, as well as sweet Orange peels from Spain, bitter Haitian Orange peel and various fruit liqueurs.

Its rose colour and taste profile are additionally balanced by using a traditional Champagne blending method to ensure consistent colour throughout. The result is a lush, fruity, elegant tonic wine with the taste of ripe summer berries, wildflowers, melon and stone fruit, as well as the traditional sweet and bitter citrus notes

Served chilled over ice, it’s a very civilized way to start a meal and is a refreshing change from the usual glass of wine. Although Lillet Rose is delicious on its own over ice, it’s fruity, floral and honey notes make it a terrific base for all kinds of spring and summer cocktails.

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7 Lillet Rose Cocktails

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