Party With A Shot Of Penicillin (Cocktail)

Celebrate both the invention of Penicillin and the Penicillin Cocktail with your friends this weekend.

By: Tiff Christie|September 26,2018

Now you might be thinking that it’s rather tenuous for us to base this week’s cocktail party around the invention of Penicillin but do not fear, we’re sure there is a point.

Those of you who have been paying attention will know that Penicillin is not only a life saving medical marvel but also a rather tasty cocktail of the modern variety.
So are we basing the party on medical Penicillin or the cocktail? Well, a little bit of both. Just don’t mix the two …

The cocktail is most definitely one of the best ways to present Scotch in a cocktail. And far be it for us to not give you the chance to throw on a lab coat while sipping the nectar that is this modern classic.

Now, Penicillin (medical) was discovered on the morning of 28th September 1928, by Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming. This 90-year-old discovery was important because, as most would know, Penicillin antibiotics were among the first medications to be effective against many bacterial infections.

But what you may not realise is that its discovery was more by accident than design.

As the story goes, Dr Alexander Fleming, the bacteriologist on duty at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, returned from vacation to find his lab a bit of a mess.

One of the Petri dishes where he was growing colonies of bacteria had been left open and a mould, Penicillium notatum had contaminated it.

Fleming was amazed to find that the mould prevented the normal growth of the bacteria.

Now the discovery of the Penicillin Cocktail was not quite so accidental. Created by New York bartender Sam Ross when he was at Milk & Honey, the Penicillin was designed as a riff on another modern classic, the Goldrush Cocktail, (which is itself a riff on an actual classic, the Whiskey Sour).


Now the Penicillin Cocktail combines the flavours of Honey, Lemon Juice and fresh Ginger, and fortifies them with a good dose of Scotch Whisky. The flavours alone are enough reason to throw a party, so it only makes sense to have it as the featured cocktail. As you might assume, the use of Scotch ties in nicely with Flemings Sottish roots, and the Honey, Lemon Juice & Ginger, do give the drink a somewhat soothing medicinal quality.

As science often explores the theories of evolution, whether they be chemical or biological, this party will give you a chance to explore the evolution of the Penicillin Cocktail by making the drink that began it all, the Gold Rush. Made with Bourbon, Lemon Juice and Honey Syrup, the cocktail was also created at Milk & Honey in New York, envisaged by T.J. Siegal although first made by Sasha Petraske.


Now keeping to the science theme, you really can’t go past Molecular macaroons

And we rather like the look of these Shrimp and Guacamole Appertizers. Sure they may not be particularly science-orientated but they are east to make and super tasty.


Now while we seriously don’t suggest that you bring in mould samples for this party, there is instead the change to mix up your glassware to give it a somewhat scientific bent. Rather than simply serve your cocktails a traditional Rocks or Old Fashioned glass, why not serve them in test tubes.


Both the test tubes and labs coats can be easily found via


Ice Breakers

If you are unsure what you’ll talk about, then we have a few articles that can provide some fun facts for you and your guests.

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Party With A Shot Of Penicillin (Cocktail)

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