Taking SPIRIT From The Back-Bar To The Silver Screen

A new feature documentary, SPIRIT, captures the journey bartenders take when competing for the World Class title

By: Tiff Christie|May 11,2023

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to compete in one of the world’s most respected and prestigious cocktail competitions, then a new documentary will showcase what it takes to reach the highest levels of bartending.

Producers Something™ Originals secured exclusive access to Diageo’s World Class Global Finals in Sydney, Australia – following the journey of competitors and country champions Sahil Essani (India), Liisa Lindroos (Finland) and Yui Ogata (Japan).


But the documentary, SPIRIT, is more than just a look behind-the-scenes of a cocktail competition, it reveals the highs and lows of three of the world’s best bartenders as they prepare to create the most critical cocktails of their careers.

Coinciding with World Cocktail Day 2023, the documentary will be available on Prime Video in select markets from May 13th and will expose viewers to craft, passion and edge-of-your-seat competitive action from 50 bartenders at the top of their game.

“SPIRIT so accurately captures the essence of World Class – one of the world’s biggest and most respected cocktail competitions,” said Marissa Johnston, Global Head of World Class at Diageo. “It’s a remarkable and compelling insight into what it takes to be a bartender today – we hope people enjoy it and are inspired to consider a career in the hospitality industry.”

By closely documenting the three competitors, spectators are given a privileged view into the intimate moments of jeopardy, glory and the pursuit of perfection behind the highest level of cocktail-making as they have never been shown before.


“This new documentary aimed to go behind the scenes of World Class Global Finals to tell a story of energy, determination and spirit that reimagines how cocktails are seen globally,” explained Director Ross Bolidai. “It was a privilege to witness the immense professionalism and grit each of the competitors displayed from start to finish.”

The filmmakers followed Sahil Essani, a talented young bartender based in India, to meet his mentors in the burgeoning cocktail scene in Goa, and immerse the viewer in a story of stalwart determination where a bartender’s community is a critical ingredient to meeting his goals.

Liisa Lindroos, from Finland, warms the screen with her infectious smile, passion for nature and a bold display of rebellious creativity in her approach to the competition and innovative flavour combinations.

And finally, Yui Ogata brings a blend of masterful perfectionism, balancing family pressures and following her dreams that will leave you on your feet by the end.

While the three competitors prepare their recipes, pack their bags, hug their families and take off for the Global Finals, there are insights from some of the industry’s leading trailblazers.


Industry personalities from Ryan Chetiyawardana, owner of some of the world’s best bars, including Lyaness in London and Super Lyan in Amsterdam, to the globally renowned street-food chef Roy Choi, share their insider knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the world of luxury hospitality.

Additionally, Agostino Perrone, the Director of Mixology at globally-renowned The Connaught Bar in London, to Kaitlyn Stewart, World Class Global Bartender of the Year 2017, also add to the journey of determination, craft, and game-changing flavour.

The full trailer is available to watch here:

For more information on the documentary, visit the IMDB page:

Diageo World Class has also confirmed it will host the 14th edition of its global finals in São Paulo, Brazil from 23rd – 27th September 2023.

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Taking SPIRIT From The Back-Bar To The Silver Screen

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