Japanese Craft Gin, Roku, Now Available in Australia

If you like Gin then you’ll love the new Roku Japanese Gin.

By: Tiff Christie|July 20,2018

Beam Suntory has announced the Australian release of their Japanese craft gin, Roku.

While Japan has a long Whisky tradition, Japanese Gin is a much more recent phenomenon. Nevertheless, as with most things Japanese, their Gin has been created with an unwavering attention to detail.

Entering the booming craft Gin scene as recently as 2016, it is the Japanese approach to distilling that has caught the world’s attnetion. Not only are they utilising the abundance of botanical unique to their land, but they are also distilling their botanicals separately in groups, before blending them together.

Roku is produced at Liquor Atelier, Suntory’s spirits site in Osaka, Roku and only launched domestically this time last year.

What Does Roku Mean?

Roku is based around the Japanese meaning of Roku – six. The bottle is hexagonal in shape and the gin contains six Japanese botanicals, which are individually distilled and then blended with other traditional gin botanicals.


Roku Gin Botanicals

So What Are The Botanicals?

Firstly, there’s green tea two ways: sencha and gyokuro. Cherry, also two ways: blossom and leaves. And then yuzu and Japanese pepper. There’s also another eight traditional botanicals including Juniper Berry, Coriander seeds and Orange peel, that bringing the grand total up to fourteen.

What Are The Characteristics?

Roku is described as having cherry blossom and green tea on the nose, a traditional gin taste with characteristics of Yuzu and a slightly spicy finish thanks to the Japanese Sansho Pepper.

How To Use It?

Roku can be enjoyed on the rocks or as a Japanese Gin and Tonic; this signature serve combines slices of fresh ginger and tonic to compliment the citrus top notes of yuzu.

Why Is It Important?

Beam Suntory Group Marketing Manager, Demetrius Giouzelis said: “Australian consumers have a fascination with Japanese spirits, and we’ve seen a significant increase in Australians turning to premium gin as their beverage of choice. Roku delivers this premium experience with a delicate twist that comes from its truly distinctive Japanese flavours. We’re excited to bring this unique spirit to Australian shores.”

The Details

Roku is a 43 per cent ABV Gin, with a $64.99 RRP for a 700ml bottle

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Japanese Craft Gin, Roku, Now Available in Australia

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