Maple Leaf

Main Spirit Whiskey - Bourbon
Difficulty Easy
Technique Shaken

The Maple Leaf cocktail is a simple, reasonably mellow, yet moreish riff on a Whiskey Sour with a silky Bourbon and tart Lemon Juice, both of which are sweetened with a thinned Maple Syrup.

“While Vanessa often found it easy to set hearts on fire, building a simple camp fire had proved a smidge more difficult. Luckily Juan had been able to throw together a Whiskey Sour riff with hints of caramel that seemed perfect for the occasion. While the night air was still a little warm, this drink was a reminder that this would be their last summer break, with more autumnal weather was soon to come.”


  • 2 oz. 60ml Baker's Bourbon
  • 0.75 oz. 23ml Lemon Juice
  • 0.75 oz. 23ml Maple Syrup (thinned)
Display: oz. ml.




Combine­ all of the ingredients­ in ­a ­shaker­ and­ fill ­with ­ice. ­Shake ­to chill,­ strain­ in to ­a­ chilled ­glass­


Cinnamon Stick

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