Lessons From The Maighstir With Kentucky Owl

To truely understanding what Bourbon can be, Kentucky Owl Master Blender Dr Maureen Robinson wants you to explore an unlikely flavour profile

By: Tiff Christie|June 7,2024

There is nothing more romantic than the story of a revived brand, and none seems to have done it as well as Kentucky Owl. Founded in 1879, the brand created Whiskey until Prohibition shut it down.

A hundred years later, the great-great-grandson of the founder revived the family business with a view to respecting the past but looking to the future. And with that, a boutique Bourbon business known for its limited releases was reborn.

Its latest release, the Maighstir (which is Gaelic for master) epitomises the creativity and disruptive nature of the brand.

To find out more, we talk to Master Distiller Dr. Maureen Robinson about blending, legacy and turning Bourbon into Scotch

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Lessons From The Maighstir With Kentucky Owl

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