New On The Bar - Around The Way Girl at Thief NYC

Around The Way Girl is a White Negroni riff, created by Thief NYC and combines Mezcal, Xila Liqueur & Bonal Gentian.

By: Tiff Christie|June 7,2023

As much as we all love a Negroni, for the uninitiated, they can be a little difficult to swallow.

But Thief NYC has a solution for that with their new cocktail, Around The Way Girl.

Best described as a variation on a White Negroni, the drink reduces the amount of bitterness and smoothes out all the rough edges with a mix of Mezcal, Xila Liqueur and Bonal Gentiane Aperitif. The other advantage of this drink is that it is clarified.

Clarification adds a creamy mouthfeel to the drink that makes it easily drinkable and will leave you surprised that you’re actually drinking a Negroni.

Thief, whose original venue is in Williamsburg, has just opened its second venue in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

So join Head Bartender Brenda Riepenhoff as she takes us through the making of this drink and gives some tips on clarification.

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Around The Way Girl



Pour 4 oz into a rocks glass over a clear cube; garnish with an edible flower, grapefruit peel express.



  • 3000 ml Mezcal
  • 1500 Xila Licor de Agave
  • 1500 Bonal Gentiane Apertif
  • 5.5 oz Bittermen’s Mole Bitters
  • 2000 ml milk (for clarification)


Batch all alcoholic ingredients, then add to the milk. Leave for at least 12 hours but no more than 24, and strain thru a coffee filter/milk bag.

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New On The Bar - Around The Way Girl at Thief NYC

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