Need Cocktails? These Are the Weeks To Travel

To get the most out of your cocktails this year, we recommend you pack a carry-on, book a last-minute flight and explore what cocktail weeks around the world have to offer

By: Tiff Christie|January 11,2023

With borders opened up and passports renewed, this is definitely the year for cocktails in far-flung places.

Considering that there’s no better way to see the world than with a cocktail in hand, it only makes sense to visit some of the world’s best cocktail weeks (and, if you have time, see a bit of the city they are based in).

After all, who wouldn’t want to sip a Spritz on a waterfront terrace along the Grand Canal in Venice, down a Singapore Sling along the Long Bar at Raffles or sip a Pina Colada near the beach in San Juan?

While some of these events are yet to be confirmed, we encourage you to keep an eye on this page, as we will update the details of events, as we know more.


1-12 Rochester (UK) Cocktail Week (Winter Edition) –

16-19 St Moritz Cocktail Week –


5-11 Vancouver Cocktail Week –

10-13 Arizona Cocktail Weekend –

26-2 (April) Seattle Cocktail Week –

(TBC) Singapore Cocktail Festival –


17-23 Florence Cocktails Week –

24-30 Charleston Cocktail Week –


1-31 Australian Cocktail Month –

15-21 Greenwich (Connecticut) Cocktail Week –

20-21 Athens Cocktail Festival –

28-30 Puerto Rico (summer edition) –

TBC Barra México –


7-9 Birmingham Cocktail Weekend –


24-26 Liquid market Cocktail Festival (Vienna) –

21-27 Atlanta Cocktail Week –


3-11 Shrewsbury Cocktail Week –

TBC Tel Aviv Cocktail Week –


1-5 Portland Cocktail Week –

6-15 Edinburgh Cocktail Week –

12-22 London Cocktail Week –

TBC – Cayman Cocktails Week –


6-12 New Orleans Cocktail Week –

12-18 Puerto Rico Cocktail Week –

TBC DC Cocktail Week


TBC India Cocktail Week –


To be Confirmed (TBC)

The Hague Cocktail Week –

Lagos Cocktail Week –

Venice Cocktail Week –

Amsterdam Cocktail Week –

Madrid Cocktail Week –

Oakland Cocktail Week –

Palm Springs Craft Cocktail Week –


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Need Cocktails? These Are the Weeks To Travel

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