The Inaugural North America 50 Best Bars Awards

For the first time, bartenders and bar owners from across North America will gather for the live count down to the regions best bar

By: Tiff Christie|May 31,2022

Some of the best bartenders from some of the best bars in the United States, Canada and Mexico will assemble in New York to hear the list of North America’s 50 Best Bars for the first time on June 7th.

This inaugeral award, marks the first time that 50 Best Bars has launched a new bar list and awards programme since 2016. The North America 50 Best Bars will join market-leading The World’s 50 Best Bars and Asia’s 50 Best Bars, which provide consumers with the most reliable list of expert-approved drinking destinations anywhere in the world.

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch our new bars awards program in North America, ” said Mark Sansom, Content Editor for 50 Best. “The bar scene and extensive talent across this region set the tone for the rest of the world, and we are confident that this new list will be a vital addition to the international bar landscape as bar-goers plan their next cocktail-led adventures.


Providing a unique opportunity for bartenders, bar owners, cocktail aficionados and drinks media from all over the region to unite, while also promoting the strength and diversity of the region’s bar scene as a whole to a global audience.

The countdown of the list of North America’s 50 Best Bars and the awards ceremony will also be broadcast to a global audience who are not able to attend in person, and bar and cocktail lovers will be invited to join through The World’s 50 Best Bars Facebook page and 50 Best Bars TV channel on YouTube.

How the Voting Works
The inaugural ranking for North America’s 50 Best Bars will reflect the best bar experiences based on the votes of more than 220 gender-balanced voters, made up of anonymous North American bar industry experts (including bartenders, bar owners, drinks media and well-traveled cocktail connoisseurs) from the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Members of the 50 Best organization do not vote and do not control the composition of the list; that is the collective role of the voting Academy. This means that bars cannot apply to be on the list and no sponsors have any influence on the list.

The Academy is divided into 8 regions: USA Northeast; USA Midwest; USA West; USA South; Canada East; Canada West; Mexico; and the Caribbean. Each region has its own panel of members including a chairperson, called the Academy Chair. The Chairs each then select a voting panel, ensuring a balanced selection.

In 2022, each North America Academy member will vote for 7 bars, with a maximum of 5 in the home country where they are based. Voters also have the option to vote for a further 2 (or more) bars located outside of their home country (up to a maximum of 7) if they have been able to travel internationally during the voting period.

Voting is carried out individually and strictly confidentially on a secure site and remains confidential before the list announcement. Academy Chairs are not privy to, and have no knowledge of, the votes cast by the voters in their respective regions.

The list is a simple computation of votes by North American voters for bars in North America. All bars featured will be open, or intend to reopen, as of June 7, 2022, when the list is revealed.

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The Inaugural North America 50 Best Bars Awards

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