Four Pillars Creates A Bloody Family For Their Bloody Shiraz

While we all look forward. to the Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin annual release, this year there will be more to enjoy … as it’s a bloody family affair

By: Tiff Christie|May 12,2021

If you are fans of Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin (and let’s face who isn’t?) then you have probably been waiting impatiently for the announcement of its annual June 1st release. But far from sitting on their laurels, Four Pillar has decided that this year, they are going to raise the bloody bar.

Yes, the decidedly purple gin expression will be released on schedule, but it seems that this year, a few extra special releases will be joining it. The Australian-based distillery is aiming to help more of you to see, smell, taste and simply enjoy their beaut little gin, with some welcome additions to the Bloody Sheraz family.


With the help of the brand’s “Made from Gin” mad scientist, Matt Wilkinson, Four Pillars has created some bloody (delicious) shiraz gin treats in the form of a ‘Made from Gin – Bloody Shiraz grape and quince paste’ and a ‘Bloody Shiraz Gin Caviar’.

If you’re a lover of quince past then the addition of the leftover Shiraz skins from distillation, combined with fresh Shiraz grapes, sugar, spices, and of course Bloody Shiraz Gin will be a revelation and the perfect paste to enjoy with cheese.

The other addition to the Bloody Shiraz family is the gin caviar you didn’t know you needed. Nick Gorman, co-owner of Yarra Valley Caviar and Matt got chatting about combining Australia’s favourite purple gin with Australia’s best caviar (could there be a more luxurious pairing?) and after 25-plus trials, the pair ended up salting and steeping first harvest Atlantic Salmon roe in Bloody Shiraz Gin for 24 hours, before the pearls were drained, tinned and gently pasteurised.

Its unique flavour, burgundy colour and visual appeal is like no other and is (we think) the world’s first gin-infused salmon caviar. The roe is best served very cold as a ‘bump’, or alongside seafood such as Pacific oysters, light white fish sashimi, or even on buttered white bread.

But perhaps it’s time we got back to the gin itself, to let you know that the brand will also be releasing a limited-edition bottle through the website and their homes in Healesville and Sydney’s Surry Hills. It’s the same great tasting liquid but with a 2021-only label designed to capture the movement of the gin being mixed into bloody delicious gin drinks.


“The 2021 vintage was a blessed relief from the heat of 2020, it’s a bloody great vintage,” Distiller and Co-Founder Cameron Mackenzie said.

“In fact, I’m gonna call it: best ever vintage. Might’ve said that last year and probably the year before. But you can definitely believe it this time. Until next year, of course.”

But that’s not all, Four Pillars are organising an evening of gin, juice and storytelling inspired by Bloody Shiraz Gin, coming to Eileen’s Bar at the Four Pillars Surry Hills Laboratory for one night only on Wednesday, 2 June. Yes, folks, it’s The Greatest Bloody Gin Show on earth.

If you’ve ever been to one of the brands Christmas Revues, you can expect the same dress ups, even better gin, a little cabaret and simply sensational entertainment for their most outrageous show yet. And of course, it’ll be hosted by our co-founders Stu Gregor and Cameron Mackenzie.

At the Four Pillars Lab in Surry Hills, Sydney they’ll also be offering a 60-minute Bloody Beaut of a Cocktail Masterclass, focused on, you guessed it, Bloody Shiraz Gin. During June, join the brands very own James Irvine, in a seasonal session that will lift your Bloody Shiraz Gin cocktail skills for winter. At the adjacent Eileen’s Bar, there will also be a Bloody Shiraz menu on offer throughout June, featuring four bespoke bloody cocktails plus a special bloody Made from Gin snack.


For the brand’s friends in Healesville, Four Pillars is painting the distillery bloody on Saturday, 5 and Sunday, 6 June. They’ll be slinging Bloody Shiraz Gin drinks, serving mini crumpets with salmon rillettes and gin roe all weekend and offering a series of speciality 60-minute masterclasses to give you a first taste of the 2021 Bloody Shiraz Gin, plus plenty more Bloody Shiraz Gin drinks and Made from Gin snacks.

Be ready to be showered in all things purple if you head to some favourite bars and venues in the month of June. Four Pillars will be turning the entire Rooftop at QT Melbourne purple; think purple neons, purple bars and plenty of purple drinks. You can also expect special bloody menus and plenty more fun on offer at QT venues around Australia, at the Paddo Inn and in the soon-to-be-launched Aria Wine Room space.  In July, the brand will also be partnering with Thornbury Picture House and Golden Age Cinema for a bloody themed Gin + Film Festival. More details to come

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin will be available for purchase from 1 June 2021 from, at the Four Pillars Distillery, Healesville, Vic and Four Pillars Lab, Surry Hills, Sydney and from all good bottle shops. The 2021 limited edition label will be available from, at the Four Pillars Distillery, Healesville, Vic and Four Pillars Lab, Surry Hills, Sydney only.

Yarra Valley Bloody Shiraz Gin Caviar and Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz grape and quince paste will also be available for purchase from 1 June 2021 from and at the Four Pillars Distillery, Healesville, Vic and Four Pillars Lab, Surry Hills, Sydney.


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Four Pillars Creates A Bloody Family For Their Bloody Shiraz

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