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7 Italicus Cocktails

With citrusy, floral notes, Italicus is the revival of a liqueur with a long Italian legacy, that can easily be mixed with anything and in any situation.

By: Tiff Christie|April 18,2021

Italicus is one of those cocktail ingredients that really should really only ever been drunk poolside. This is not to say that in reality, it can’t be drunk anywhere, but it’s bittersweet bergamot notes simply cry to be handled by a strapping, yet young cabana boy.



Crystal Clear

Negroni Bianco Bergamotto

The Queen's Steeple

Gin & Italicus Sour

For Sake's Sake

Gin & It (Rosolio recipe)

If you have neither the pool nor the cabana boy, you’ll find that this aromatic, Italian citrus liqueur is fairly adaptable. A resurrection of a forgotten traditional spirit, rosolio, Italicus can adapt to any situation with ease.

Take a pre-dinner rendezvous. He’s brought the gin, you’ve brought the Italicus. Not only does its stately bottle shape go with any bar cart but the azure colour of the glass (which was inspired by the water of the Amalfi coast) will, in a certain light, will really bring out your eyes.

But this liqueur is not all about romance. In any business meeting, where contracts are exchanged over a Negroni, the benefit of having Italicus on hand will be easily recognised. The sharp tang of citrus as it gives way to a sweeter, more aromatic notes with hints of lavender, will definitely add a reconciliatory air to any negotiation

And as you hand reaches for the mont blanc pen to sign this exclusive of deals, you’ll notice that the floral notes fall away to reveal elusive herbal notes playing around the edges.

Being Italian, family gatherings are also a breeze for Italicus. Bittersweet orangey aperitifs, dominated by Amaro is another mix with whom Italicus plays beautifully. After all, when it comes to Italian spirits it’s good to keep it in the family.

If you would like to know more about Italicus, go to or listen to our conversation with US Brand Ambassador for Italicus, Haley Forest on the podcast.

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7 Italicus Cocktails

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