When COVID Closes The Bars, Campari Opens a Window

Taking inspiration from 17th Century Italian Wine Windows, Campari presents an italiano aperitivo hour like no other in Sydney this summer

By: Tiff Christie|January 19,2021

SYDNEY: Back in the mid-1600s, when the plague was sweeping through Florence, merchants across the city kept the spirits of the population flowing through tiny ‘wine windows’. The windows allowed merchants to pass vino through a small hole in the wall to avoid direct contact with clients.


It’s interesting to note that as Covid swept through Italy last year, the windows were yet again called into service, to help with social distancing. Reignite and preserving an incredible Tuscan tradition, it is believed that last year saw around 150 of these historic architectural anomalies reopened in Florence, after being closed for centuries.

Now if you were hoping that these clever little windows could offer more than just wine, then you’ll be please to know that Campari were also thinking the same. The Aperitivo brand have decided to bring this curious concept in Italian history down-under with the opening of their first Aperitivo rooftop at Smoke Bar at Barangaroo House in Sydney.

While reaching for a Negroni is nothing new in Sydney bars, this summer it will come with a nice twist through the advent of the Campari Aperitivo Window. The window will, of course, operate during Aperitivo hour (that’s 4pm – 6pm) serving up not only the perfect Negronis, but also Campari Spritz, and Campari Soda, against a stunning backdrop of Sydney’s waterfront.


Now while a gloved hand, shooting through a curtain to hand over your drink may seem a little ‘cloak and dagger’, the process couldn’t be easier. Simply order your drink with a waiter in exchange for a Campari token. Ring the bell and present the token at the bright, red, tiny door and as quickly as the token is taken, a drink will appear in its place.

Running from 21 January to 28 February, the Campari Aperitivo Window will be complimented with executive chef Tom Haynes’ bar snacks including a selection of Italian-style cured meats and cheese to share, Sydney Rock Oysters, and plenty more.

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When COVID Closes The Bars, Campari Opens a Window

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