These Syrups Could Be Just The Tonic For Your Next G&T

When you want to play around with the depth of flavour in your G&T, then Tonic Syrups could be just the ticket.

By: Tiff Christie|May 26,2020

Whether you’re hanging out in the backyard or day-drinking by the pool with friends, there’s nothing like the perfect G&T … that perfect combination of Gin, tonic, ice, and a lime wedge is nothing short of the ultimate summer libation.

With the number of craft Gins on the market, making the ideal G&T mix should be easier than ever, but sometimes no matter how good the Gin, the final result isn’t quite right.

If this has happened to you, it sounds like the ‘tonic’ part of the equation might just be letting the side down. And with so many poor quality Tonic Water on the market, it was bound to happen.

Now don’t get us wrong, there are a couple of outstanding Tonic Water brands out there. A lot though is simply a mess of high-fructose corn syrup, carbonated water and synthetic quinine.

Seriously, your G&T didn’t stand a chance.


Luckily, on the market, there are also some amazing Tonic Syrups that could really change the game for you and your G&T. And in case you are wondering, Tonic Syrup is pretty exactly what it sounds like, quality tonic water, minus the water.

Now the magic of tonic syrups is that they give you complete control over the flavour. Simply pour in the syrup and then add enough soda water to dilute to your tastes (although the common equation is one part tonic syrup, two parts gin, to three parts soda.

Best of all this means your syrup will not last a while, but you’ll also never have to worry about your tonic going flat.

Most Tonic Syrups are made in small batches from real quinine and combined with a variety of botanicals. Designed to accentuate the variety of crafts Gins on the market, Tonic Syrups can be the salvation your G&T has been searching for.

Here are five of our favourite Tonic Syrups, so grab a bottle and get that perfect G&T every time

W&P Classic Tonic Syrup


The guys that brought you the Carry On Cocktail Kits, to make air travel bearable, are back again with a range of tasty syrups including their Classic Tonic. Carefully crafted from cane sugar, quinine and citrus, this small-batch syrup rounds out G&Ts and other crisp cocktails with a classic bittersweet flavour. Simply add ½ oz syrup to 1 ½ oz spirit and 3 oz seltzer. Briefly stir over ice, garnish with fresh citrus and enjoy.

Available from W&P Design

Soda Press Classic Indian Tonic


Touting itself as the worlds first clear Organic Tonic Syrup, this Classic Indian Tonic delivers an ultra-dry, bittersweet touch to your home bar. The citric tones and subtle botanical flavour combined with burnt bergamot peel provides the platform for your gin to dance without the fear of being swamped by inferior mainstream tonics. Made via a small batch, slow-brew process.

Available from Soda Press

Strong Hibiscus Tonic Syrup



Handcrafted and produced in small batches, Strong Tonic was originally developed in a kitchen in Oklahoma City. That original recipe includes all-natural ingredients (using only pure cane sugar and agave nectar for sweetness), and is now professionally formulated to create a shelf stable product. This new addition to the range has hibiscus extract concentrate, for a beautiful floral variation.

Available from Strong Tonic

El Guapo Tonic Syrup



El Guapo created their British Colonial Style Tonic after thoroughly researching and testing dozens of historical recipes from a time when tonic was more than just synthetic flavouring. Their Tonic is incredibly unique and herbaceous and full of fresh, bright citrus and slightly floral notes. If you’re a fan of proper Gin & Tonics, the lingering but pleasant bitterness of this syrup this will be your bar’s best-kept secret.

Available from Elguapo Bitters

Bradley’s Kina Tonic Syrup


Made completely by hand from whole ingredients right out of the history book, Bradley’s Kina Tonic Syrup is the real deal. Where others go for powdered Quinine or “Tonic flavourings,” Bradley’s went right to the source and created their Tonic from whole spices, real Citrus Oil, and exclusively imported Peruvian Cinchona Bark. The result is a much more complex and layered flavour profile that adds a layer of depth to the experience.

Available from Kina Tonic

Jack Rudy Classic Tonic Syrup


The Elderflower Tonic is an updated tonic formula with more body and a bold finish than the regular Jack Rudy Tonic. It pairs well with a number of richer spirits: tequila, bourbon and rum, while still acting a classic companion to the finer gins of the world. They add organic dried elderflowers to their original recipe and increased the amount of quinine to bring balance to the final product.

Available from Jack Rudy

Bittermilk Charred Grapefruit Tonic


Bittermilk’s Charred Grapefruit Tonic combines Lime and Lemon Juice with Cinchona Bark, the source of quinine for tonic, for a taste that is definitely not your typical tonic. They peel fresh grapefruits and char the skins to help bring out bitter yet refreshing notes. Just a bit of local Bulls Bay Saltworks sea salt helps pull savoury caramel notes and rounds out the flavor. Works well with any light spirit.

Available from Bittermilk

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These Syrups Could Be Just The Tonic For Your Next G&T

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