The Bar Cabinet You Didn't Know You Needed

Why take up vital floor space for your home bar when this unique industrial design is easily wall mounted.

By: Tiff Christie|April 1,2020

You know we love a good bar cabinet (or even a cocktail cart for that matter) but if you live in a small apartment, finding the room for either of these pieces of furniture can get a bit tricky.


This is where Danish Fuel’s Jerry Can Bar Cabinet comes into its own. Compact and sturdy, but big enough to fit the essentials, the cabinet combines both style and function, while being easily wall mounted.

The industrial chic of this bar could easily blend in with almost any style of interior and will give a dynamic edge to cocktail time (and obviously by extension to the drinks you make) without taking up unnecessary floor space.

Up-cycled by design company Danish Fuel, the Bar Cabinet aims to preserve the original history behind “the can that won the WWII”, while repurposing it for modern use and lifestyle. Sourcing the cans from military surplus stock-houses, they have retained the timeless design, while adding some unique features that give new life to this old military staple.

The company have removed the rust, sandblasted the surface, laser-cut an opening for the door, as well as added a pour table and shelf, both available in a variety of different wood veneers. The result is a unique, handmade, high quality piece, with a finish that speaks not only to admirers of luxury but also history aficionados.

The can’s original name was “Wehrmacht-Einheitskanister” which means “armed forces unit canister”. Within industrial design, the cans are particularly notable because the German design was reverse engineered and subsequently copied, with minor modifications, by the Allies during the Second World War.

By the time D-Day arrived in 1944, there were believed to be more than 21 millions Jerry Cans spread all over Europe. It is believed that around 200 different factories were manufacturing the cans, resulting in 1800 different models, all based on the original design. Incredibly well made, these fuel cans were designed to withstand war conditions.

Not that we believe that you’ll ever need to test it, but the bar cans can resist heat and shock, with a corrosion resistant lining and they will even float in water.

So it’s not surprising that we’ve fallen pretty hard for these awesome looking bars. After all, who doesn’t want a storage solution that will go the extra mile to protect your spirits and mixers?

So when it’s time to refuel, you really can’t go past this quirky and functional WWII relics. If you’ve long been looking for the perfect means of storing your stash of spirits and want something a little out of the ordinary, then look no further.

All Danish Fuel Bar Cabinets come with a unique ID number, a certificate, and are stamped to guarantee they are “Made In Denmark”. They also come in a  variety of colours including black, grey, gold, white, red and army green and are shipped in a World War II Ammunition box.


The brand, in cooperation with distiller Anders Bilgram and Nordisk Braenderi in Denmark, have also made two unique single batch gins with botanicals from the Nordic region. The Premium Gin was awarded with a Double Gold Medal at Fifty Best Gins in N.Y and has a nose of rosehips. The Vintage Gin, with its fragrance of raspberry, is a London Dry style and takes inspiration from how the monks made liquor back in the old times.

For more information on the cabinets and the gins, go to

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The Bar Cabinet You Didn't Know You Needed

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