TheBitterNote Creates A Non-Alcoholic Italian Herbal Liqueur

If you’re after the bitter, earthy flavours of an Italian Amaro but without the alcohol, then TheBitterNote will be music to your taste buds

By: Tiff Christie|June 26,2019

There’s nothing like enjoying an Italian Amaro at the end of a night. Yet, if you’re about to take the plunge and dive into Dry July, finding a non-alcoholic version has been hard. 

Replicating all the notes of a traditional Italian herbal bitter liqueur, TheBitterNote is a complex, earthy, non-alcoholic herbal liquor with all the warm, gentle bitterness and smooth texture you expect from an Amaro. 


“TheBitterNote offers all of the flavour and sophistication of a traditional Italian amaro, making it easy to enjoy an after-dinner drink, guilt-free,” said John Dimitropoulos, Director of Only Bitters.

“TheBitterNote joins a growing stable of quality non-alcoholic spirits, meeting an increasing market demand in the non-alcoholic category.”

7 aromatic notes

TheBitterNote is crafted from an infusion of 36 botanicals, resulting in a complex and harmonious herbal bitter. Dark in colour with deep amber tones, the nose opens with aromas of bitter roots, fresh mint and rhubarb.

This non-alcoholic digestif is a vibrant mix of 7 aromatic notes:

  • bitter – wormwood,  gentian, cinchona
  • spicy – angelica root, cinnamon, juniper
  • fresh – mint, star anise
  • herbal – artichoke, aloe, chamomile
  • sweet – chamomile, sweet orange
  • balsamic – liquorice, angostura
  • citrus – bitter orange

The perfect digestive

On the palate, it is characterised by a smooth texture and a rich, distinctly bitter profile with complex notes of gentian, wormwood, artichoke and chamomile, finishing on lingering spice.

This complex, thus well-balanced blend has been developed by a team of professionals with the mastery of a 90 years old distillery and the king of mixology, Aristotelis Papadopulos, the first global winner of Diageo’s World Class competition.

Served in a 500ml bottle, definitely sets the right tone with its gentle bitterness and smooth texture

While TheBitterNote can easily be enjoyed on the rocks with Orange peel, here are a couple of cocktails suggestions




• 40 ml. TheBitterNote®
• 15 ml. Syrup
• TOP Oolong Tea


Build and serve on the rocks

Reverse Collins



• 15 ml. Lemon
• 1 Teaspoon Syrup
• 40 ml. TheBitterNote®
• Top alcohol-free pear (or
apple) sparkling


Throw and serve: on the rocks

Sour Note



• 20 ml. Lemon Juice
• 15 ml. Sugar
• 10 ml. Acqua Faba
• 40 ml. TheBitterNote


shake and serve up

TheBitterNote is available through

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TheBitterNote Creates A Non-Alcoholic Italian Herbal Liqueur

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