New On The Bar - Highway Hustle - Melrose Umbrella Co, LA

If you’re after a tropical drink with a kick, then Scott Eton from the Los Angeles bar Melrose Umbrella Co may have the cocktail for you with his Highway Hustle

By: Tiff Christie|June 14,2019

Sometimes when you go south of the border, down Mexico way, the journey can completely change your life. And for the Highway Hustle, a cocktail that they serve at the Los Angeles bar, Melrose Umbrella Company, that’s exactly what happened.

Although it may have all the signs of being a Mexico inspired drink, Scott Eton will tell you that the inspiration for the drink actually started its life in a very way.

“The drink originally started as a Mango Lassi, after having dinner an Indian restaurant,” he said. “But through several trips going to various places in Mexico, it then kind of evolved into a Mexican drink. It kind of went from one culture to a completely different culture but the Mango stayed”.

The drink has a tropical flavour with a hint of spice that Eton believes would be the perfect drink to have while on the highway driving down to Mexico – not that anyone condones drink driving.

“Between the colour, the flavour and that hint of spice, this is a drink that makes you feel that you are about to go for the best vacation ever to Mexico,” Eton said.


Infusing the Tequila adds an element of spice that gives the drink it’s a wonderful kick.

And Eton points out that it’s really easy to do. He uses Fresno Chillis as he believes they have the same spice as a Cayenne Pepper, but he points out that any Chilli will work equally well.

“You really want a chilli that hits the back of your throat and sits on your tongue,” he said.


To create the infusion, Eton recommends you use two cut up chillis per litre and let them sit for about an hour and a half.

“Tasting the Tequila through the infusion process is important,” he points out. You’ll know when it’s at the right level of heat for your taste and when it gets there, you need to pull it.”


Eton has used a Georgian glass for this cocktail, due to its beauty and sophistication.

“A Georgian is not only a really pretty glass,” he said, “but I think it suits the drink as it allows the colour of the cocktail to really shine.”

Eton points out though that if you don’t have a Georgian glass, the drink can also be presented in a Coupe or a general cocktail glass.

Highway Hustle


0.25oz mango Puree or two slices of fresh Mango

0.75oz of fresh Lemon Juice

Barspoon of Kümmel Liqueur

0.75oz Pineapple Gum

1.75oz Fresno chilli-infused Blanco tequila


Add all ingredients to a shaker tin with ice. Shake and then fine strain into a Georgian or cocktail glass.

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New On The Bar - Highway Hustle - Melrose Umbrella Co, LA

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