Four New Spirits That Will Change The Game

As summer ramps up, it’s the perfect time to add some game-changing spirits (including a non-alcoholic one) to your home bar.

By: Tiff Christie|November 22,2018

It’s not often that you get a collection of spirits released roughly at the same time that are game changers for your home bar, but it seems that the fates have aligned this November.

Included in this months offerings is a Liqueur that could add new complexity to your Negroni, a non-alcoholic that is perfect with Tonic, a Mezcal so smooth that it will become your favourite indulgence and a limited edition Gin that highlights the best of local fauna.

It’s a packed month of releases, so let’s get to it.

Martini & Rossi’s Riserva Speciale Bitter


If you can’t get enough of Campari, but would like to taste a little more complexity in the Liqueur, then Martini & Rossi’s Riserva Speciale Bitter will be a perfect addition to your home bar.

Developed specifically for Negroni lovers, the liqueur is inspired an 1872 recipe developed by company founder Luigi Rossi.

With a rich, rounded taste that starts smooth and ends with an almost spicy finish, this liqueur has three carefully selected rare botanicals (Saffron, Angostura and Columba).

The Bitter is rested in the same Tino cask that is used for MARTINI Riserva Speciale Vermouth di Torino extracts and shares the vermouth’s common botanical, Italian Artemisia, allowing its unique complex bitter taste to perfectly complement it.

As easy to drink neat, as in cocktails, the spiciness created by the addition of Black Pepper and Cardamom, results in an attractive well rounded creaminess.

Available from for AUD$44.95

Garden Grown Gin


We are a country blessed with unique botanicals which have resulted in the last few years in some outstanding artisanal Gins. And none more so than Garden Grown Gin.

Native botanicals such as Ginger Rhizome, Mount White Lime, Orange Berry, Wombat Berry, Macadamia and a touch of the famous Bunya Pine Nut from the Garden were chosen to create the rare collection of 1,000 handcrafted bottles of well-balanced Gin which explores the essence of Australian biodiversity.

Created by the award-winning artisan Garden Grown Gin (Distillery Botanica), has partnered with the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan to create a new limited- edition ‘Botanic Garden Grown Gin’ using rare Australian botanicals from Australia’s largest botanic garden.

Coinciding with the 30th Birthday of the Garden, the collaboration comes off the award-winning success of A RATHER ROYAL GIN with its sister garden, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney in early 2017.

Available from for $AUD129

Seedlip Grove 42


While Seedlip products are not traditional spirits (they are in fact non-alcoholic distilled spirits) their range has changed the game for those wanting a non-alcoholic option.

Their latest release, the third flavour in the range (following Spice 94 and Garden 108), is Grove 42, which has very much a citrus focus.

This latest expression creates a sophisticated, warm, citrus blend using three varieties of Mediterranean orange, lemon peel, ginger and lemongrass, distilled with the cool prickle of Japanese Sansho peppercorn.

Opening up a new mixer category for the brand, the brand recommends that grove 42 is drunk with Tonic allowing the spirit to truly shine in a completely sugar- and alcohol-free cocktail.

Grove 42 has an initial bold hit of Orange, which is followed by Ginger on the mid-palate and a lingering Lemongrass flavour fading gently at the end.

Available from for AUD$49.90

Casamigos Mezcal


Casamigos – famously, ‘George Clooney’s Tequila brand’ – returns with their latest expression in the form of Mezcal.

If you haven’t tried Mezcal before, then this latest, un-aged expression from Casamigos is a great place to start.

Uniquely smooth, easy to drink and smoked to perfection, this Mezcal has a balanced elegance that offering notes of tamarind, pomegranate, banana and mango.

Earthy, fruity and full of rich, thick smoke flavour, the spirit will appeal to fans of peated Whisky, Tequila-lovers who wish to branch out or even those looking for a spirit with a big, bold flavour.

It’s a Blanco Mezcal made from 100 per cent Espadin agave from Santiago Matatlán in Oaxaca, in Mexico and is made the traditional way, where it is twice distilled and finished with mountain spring water after 30 days.

While this Mezcal is easy to drink neat, it is probably best appreciated when it can add a vibrant, smoky twist in your favourite cocktail.

Available from for AUD$89.90


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Four New Spirits That Will Change The Game

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