FBI Fizz

Main Spirit Whiskey - Bourbon
Difficulty Easy
Technique Shaken

There’s an old story about J Edgar Hoover (no, not that one) that recounts that the former-FBI Director spent so much time at the Stork Club in NY that they actually named a cocktail after him. That cocktail is the FBI Fizz, with Cherry Heering, Jamaican Rum, Bourbon & Soda Water. And yes, we think you’ll find it quite arresting.


  • 0.5 oz. 15ml Cherry Heering
  • 0.5 oz. 15ml Bourbon
  • 0.5 oz. 15ml Jamaican Rum
  • 6 oz. 180ml Soda Water
Display: oz. ml.


Fill a Cocktial Shaker with ice and then add in Cherry Liqueur, Bourbon Whiskey and Jamaica Rum. Shake, then strain into a Highball Glass and top with Soda Water


Orange twist

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