De Kuyper Celebrates 325 years Making A Stir

De Kuyper Celebrates 325 years

July 22,2020

As distilleries around the world wonder how they are to move forward amidst this global pandemic, they can take heart from the example of Dutch distilling brand De Kuyper Royal Distillers.

This year marks the distillery’s 325th year, a milestone that has seen the company weather 10 different pandemics, not to mention wars, depressions and technological shifts.

This ability to embrace entrepreneurship and the long-term vision has seen the company become the world’s number one cocktail liqueur brand, availably in more than 100 countries with sales exceeding 40 million bottles annually.

First opening in 1752, De Kuyper has had a rich and successful history that includes royal recognition in 1995 by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix on the occasion of the 300th anniversary.

Putting the cocktail at the centre of everything they do, the brand is looking to the future with education through their “Own The Cocktail” initiative, intended to demystify cocktails for both consumers and aspiring bartenders alike.

Mark de Witte, CEO of De Kuyper Royal Distillers, has said: “I am incredibly proud to lead this beautiful family business, to be part of its 325th anniversary and at the same time to build a promising future.

“Driven by ambition and passion for craft distillation, De Kuyper will continue to develop and grow as an innovative and progressive premium distiller, producer and brand builder. De Kuyper is thirsty for more, and very ready for the next 325 years!”

De Kuyper Celebrates 325 years Making A Stir


February 27,2024

Singapore’s legendary cocktail destination, Atlas, will launch its inaugural ‘Atlas Chronicles’ as part of the bar’s 7th birthday celebrations.

The quarterly party night, which will start Sunday, 24th March, will host some of the biggest names in the global cocktail scene, and there will be live entertainment.

Each volume of the Atlas Chronicles will feature a blockbuster guest bartender and a special theme, which will transform the grand Art Deco lobby into a pulsating party venue and offer guests the unparalleled opportunity to experience Atlas in a way like never before.

Chronicles Volume One, next month, will feature Iain McPherson from Edinburgh, UK’s world-famous Panda & Sons (#39 World’s 50 Best Bars 2023), known for its pioneering bartending techniques. Guests are invited to a ‘Panda Party’ that will feature innovative cocktails from the guest bar, ATLAS signatures and delectable bites.

“As we celebrate our 7th Anniversary, we’re excited to reveal a wonderful new series of events designed to offer guests an entirely new kind of ATLAS experience,” said Head Bartender Lidiyanah ‘Yana’. “Get ready for an evening filled with cocktail party magic at ATLAS!

“Join us for Panda & Sons – don your Black & White attire as we let our hair down and welcome Iain McPherson with his warm Scottish hospitality. We’re all about encouraging dancing and promise a lively party atmosphere!”

Tickets for Chronicles Volume One include two food or drink tokens as well as entry to the event; additional tokens can be purchased on the night. Alongside the innovative drinks from Panda & Sons, the Atlas bar team will be serving cocktails from their newly launched menu, and guests can enjoy delectable bites such as Atlas Baos.

Ticket to the event can be purchased via

De Kuyper Celebrates 325 years Making A Stir


February 27,2024

OUL, the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, has collaborated with Korean photographer and visual artist Jinju Kang on an exhibit of the symbolism of rice in Korean culture.

As part of the OUL X Local Artisan collaboration, guests can savour a fusion of visual, culinary and cocktail art – including an exhibition of Jinju Kang’s photography and rice-inspired cocktails.

“OUL is the perfect setting for this artistic exploration of rice, and Jinju Kang, the ideal visual storyteller,” comments Four Seasons Hotel Seoul Hotel Manager Michael Cho.

“Spanning the traditional, modern and future-minded, OUL is our homage to all the eras that have shaped the city we love today, and nothing transcends the eras and their meaning here in Korea more than rice,” Cho continued.


photographer and visual artist Jinju Kang

Artfully intended as a sippable complement to Jinju Kang’s creativity, OUL will be serving three unique cocktails made from Korean rice spirits. Merging ancient heritage with modern mixology, Jeju Bom Fizz is a refreshing, zesty highball featuring Jeju Island’s Omegi rice wine infused with green tea, yuzu, honey and seltzer.

An aromatic, invigorating twist on the French 75, Ssal 75 blends mandarin peel-infused gin and orange blossom cordial with sparkling rice wine. Sool Bab is a rich, velvety, creative cocktail with a base of miso butter soju infused with nurungji syrup for a subtle fermented aroma.

Artfully accompanying the inspired cocktails is a unique Korean rice dish of Nurungji Bibim Guksu – a sweet and spicy partnership of five-colour noodles, gochujang sauce and barley miso nurungji chips in a tangy dongchimi broth, served with a sea bream, abalone, cuttlefish and seasonal vegetables.

The collaboration, which will run until March 30, sees a series of contemporary artworks as Jinju Kang trains her lens on the cultural significance of Korean rice, not only reminding locals about the tradition and childhood memories but also definitely intriguing diverse foreigners’ interest.

By focusing on traditional instruments – farmers’ tools, woven baskets, mortars and rice steamers – Jinju Kang explores the journey of rice through the ages and from field to fork. Capturing the cycle of growth, harvest, and renewal, her art reflects the rhythms of life itself.

For more information, go to or connect via Instagram

De Kuyper Celebrates 325 years Making A Stir


February 26,2024

Mexican Tequila brand El Major is set to launch all four of its expressions in the UK and Europe in March this year.

In response to increased consumer demand for premium, artisanal tequilas, the brand will release its award-winning expressions Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Cristalino variants.

Every bottle of El Mayor is made with 100% estate-grown Blue Weber agave from the valley area of Jalisco, Mexico, cut using the Jicama Jima technique for an unparalleled smooth taste.

Handcrafted with the utmost care by the Gonzalez family, one of Mexico’s most reputable tequila distillers, the individual expressions highlight the incredible flavour profiles of tequila that can be produced, thanks to time-honoured techniques and a four-generation pedigree.

From the increased ageing of El Mayor Añejo in white oak barrels, which provides a level of sophistication designed for slow, contemplative sipping, to El Mayor Cristalino’s twice charcoal filtered añejo tequila which results in a crystal-clear liquid and incredibly well-balanced herbal flavours, each expression’s creation has been a labour of love and source of pride for the Gonzalez family.

Grace Gonzalez, Master Distiller and Brand Ambassador at the helm of El Mayor, upholds the 150 year-family legacy while focusing on innovation. While her father, Master Distiller Rodolfo Gonzalez, quality controls every drop of tequila that leaves the distillery.

“Launching a new product range to market is always a thrill, but the exciting European tequila landscape makes the introduction of El Mayor even more significant,” explained Greg Mefford, International Sales Director for parent company Luxco.

“Premium tequila is experiencing a meteoric rise as people start to realise the spirit’s true provenance and qualities. We’re excited to place El Mayor front and centre within this next chapter of tequila’s history.”

Distribution of El Mayor Tequila (700ml) will be concentrated on high-demand tequila markets, including Britain, Spain, France, and Germany

For more information, go to or connect with the brand via Instagram

De Kuyper Celebrates 325 years Making A Stir


February 23,2024

Celebrity Tequila brand Teremana, founded by by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has become the official premium tequila partner of the Texas Rangers.

Starting this season at Globe Life Field, the multi-year partnership will serve as an extension of Teremana Tequila’s significant partnership with Texas Live! – Texas’ premier entertainment center.

Fans watching the Rangers will have many opportunities to enjoy Teremana on each gameday inside or outside the stadium, including at the Teremana Terrace located in centerfield inside Globe Life Field, at Texas Live!, and through the travelling Mana Mobile.

“We take great pride in knowing that fans will be able to enjoy Teremana while watching the Rangers this season and for many seasons to come,” says Teremana Tequila CEO Richard Black. “The Rangers are a team that shares our values, which is why the partnership is such an important one for us. We all look forward to raising many Teremana Toasts together. Salud!”

As part of the collaboration, Teremana will also be the presenting partner for the Rangers Viva Tejas event series that celebrates Hispanic culture in Texas each month.

“The Texas Rangers could not be happier to have Teremana join our lineup as the team’s Official Premium Tequila — a brand focused on delivering delicious flavour and even better energy,” said Chad Wynn, Vice President of Business Partnerships for the Texas Rangers.

For more information, visit and and follow the brands on social at @teremana and @rangers.

De Kuyper Celebrates 325 years Making A Stir


February 22,2024

Colorado Distillery Law Whiskey House has earned the title of the “World’s Best Small Batch Bourbon” for its Cask Strength Four Grain Bourbon at the 2024 World Whiskies Awards.

“We couldn’t be prouder of this achievement. We consider this a win for the entire state of Colorado because our unique growing and distilling conditions are what create the bold flavour,” says founder and CEO Al Laws.

“This award is a testament to the hard work and talent of our team, and we’re proud to be among all the winners who are pushing the boundaries in American Whiskey,” he continued.

Laws Cask Strength Four Grain Bourbon is the pinnacle of the brand’s distilling expertise. Laws Whiskey House crafts its flagship Four Grain Bourbon and Cask Strength Bourbon from whiskey aged for a minimum of three and up to ten years in new, 53-gallon oak barrels.

While both the flagship Four Grain Bourbon and Cask Strength Four Grain Bourbon are created from the same mashbill and marriage of barrels, the Cask Strength is bottled at a higher proof to highlight the whiskey’s unadulterated characteristics coming straight from the barrel.

Recognised for its exceptional quality and superior flavour that sets the standard of excellence, the finished expression offers aromas of baking spice, black tea, and honeysuckle, with bold orange, clove, and dried fruit flavours.

This achievement further establishes Laws as a leader in the booming Colorado whiskey scene. Laws’ bold, flavorful whiskeys capture Colorado’s adventurous spirit by adding its unique twist to the time-tested traditions of Kentucky, harnessing the power of Denver’s high elevation to age whiskey, and embracing Colorado’s bounty of ancient grain varieties.

For more information, go to or connect with the brand on Instagram

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