Bacardi Hotline Serves Advice To Home Cocktail Makers Making A Stir

Bacardi Hotline Serves Advice To Home Cocktail Makers

May 26,2020

Bacardi has opened a messaging hotline in France so that consumers can get tips on how to make good cocktails and mocktails at home.

Managed by Bartenders for the BMF, the WhatsApp hotline can be used to get advice on how to make good use of leftover ingredients found in cupboards and fridges. Consumers can also use Instagram and Facebook to send questions and receive mixology advice.

The campaign is called “le numéro verre”, a pun on “numéro vert”, meaning toll-free number (“verre” means glass). The service is being offered from Wednesday to Friday each week in the lead-up to 2 June, which is the reported date for the reopening of bars in France.

For each message sent to the hotline, Bacardi will add a €1 tip to the bartender’s salary. The activity is part of Barcadi’s global initiative, “#RaiseYourSpirits”, that gives support to its partners across the world impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

Bacardi Hotline Serves Advice To Home Cocktail Makers Making A Stir


April 9,2024

French Cognac brand Hennessy has launched its ‘Made for more’ campaign highlighting five easy, summer cocktails you can make with the brand.

Featuring multi-hyphenate US star Teyana Taylor and Breakthrough British Nigerian Actor Damson Idris, the campaign highlights how any drink or occasion can easily be made ‘more’ when you add Hennessy.

The cocktails featured in the campaign are –

Hennessey Ginger – a mix of Cognac and Ginger Ale,

Hennessy Pineapple – a mix of Cognac, Pineapple Juice and bitters,

Hennessy Berry Mojito – a mix of Cognac, Berries, Lime, Simple Syrup and Mint

Hennessy Honey Highball – a mix Cognac, Honey Syrup, Lemon Juice and Soda Water

Hennessy Margarita – a mix of Cognac, Orange Liqueur, Agave and Lime Juice

“Hennessy is well known everywhere, but people don’t always know how versatile it is – how it brings more flavour, depth and complexity to all kinds of cocktails,” explained Hennessy Global Chief Marketing Officer, Julie Nollet.

“Our new ‘Made for more’ campaign is bringing to life this notion of 1+1=3, showcasing the unlimited possibilities and introducing another side of the brand with beauty, fun and open-mindedness,” Nollet continued.

“It shakes up the brand perceptions and builds on its legacy for a new generation.”

Known for partnering with cultural icons and characters to personify the brand’s multifaceted nature, Hennessy enrolled the creative agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam to show the cognac’s mixability.

The five films, shot by acclaimed director Andreas Nilsson, who directs iconic ads and music videos, spotlight the celebrities as they put Hennessy twists on mixology staples such as the Margarita, Mojito, and Highball.

“Damson Idris and Teyana Taylor are two artists who are exploding at the moment, and I wanted to make sure we captured their essence. Even when he’s playing, Damson exudes style! And Teyana is just the epitome of cool. I think these qualities shine through in spades and fit perfectly with this new direction for Hennessy,” Nilsson explained.

For more information and cocktail ideas, go to

Bacardi Hotline Serves Advice To Home Cocktail Makers Making A Stir


March 20,2024

British bartender Brandon Stead from 45 West (Gin and Cocktail Bar) in Leicester has won the UK final of the 2024 Art of Italicus Aperitivo Challenge. 

Stead’s winning creation, ‘Vincent and Gallo, ’ stunned judges with its combination of Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, homemade clarified sunflower seed orgeat, IPA, soda, and Absinthe.

“I was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers and their connection to Italy, the beauty of nature, and believing in your work, despite what those around you are doing or saying,” Stead explained.

“I loved how Sunflowers rise and set with the sun, in much the same way Italicus starts with the morning harvest of Bergamot and ends in the bottle, labelled with the colour of Italian sunsets,” Stead continued.

“Once I started making the connections between Sunflowers and Italicus, the cocktail just fell into place, and I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.”


Stead has secured a spot in the upcoming final in Rome, where he will compete for the Global title. He will also receive a once-in-a-lifetime trip and mentorship with Cafe La Trova by Julio Cabrera in Miami. 

The judging panel included Erik Lorincz, owner at Kwant Mayfair, Sandrae Lawrence, Co-Founder of The Cocktail Lovers and ItalSpirits Advocacy Director, Roberta Mariani.

Second place was awarded to Emmy Pip Knight from American Bar in The Savoy London, with her cocktail ‘Notion’ which consisted of ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto, Lem-Marrakech Bitters and a homemade soda, including ingredients such as rose petals and Amontillado sherry.

Marie Nolin from The Coral Room in London was awarded third place, creating ‘Blossom in the Dust’ a cocktail made with ITALICUS Rosolio Di Bergamotto, bergamot juice, kefir fig water and activated veg charcoal.

For more information on Italicus, go to

Bacardi Hotline Serves Advice To Home Cocktail Makers Making A Stir


March 19,2024

New Orleans bar Jewel Of The South has been awarded the Michter’s Art Of Hospitality as part of the third annual North America’s 50 Best Bars awards.

“Jewel of the South has created a community that provides exceptional hospitality and customer service that always stands out and keeps customers coming back time and time again,” explained Emma Sleight, Head of Content for North America’s 50 Best Bars. 

“In addition to offering that quintessential dose of traditional southern hospitality, they serve alongside a cocktail menu that is synonymous with Chris Hannah’s love for New Orleans and the bar’s French Quarter location.

A reimagined, classic New Orleans tavern set in a renovated 1830a Creole Cottage, Jewel Of The South presents a cocktail program that is steeped in history while showcasing classic techniques with innovative seasonal flavours.

The award-winning cocktails on the menu focus on riffs that showcase the historic city, with drinks that include The French 75, The Jewel Sazerac, and the Brandy Milk Punch. Emphasizing historic ingredients, the cocktail program gives guests the chance to soak in the city’s past while simultaneously sipping on the future.  

“Winning the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award is such a thrilling recognition, and coming from an area in our country where we pride ourselves on exactly that, it’s especially fantastic,” said Chris Hannah, Partner and Bartender, Jewel of the South.

“I’m even more excited to reveal to our staff that we’ve won this amazing award for literally what we emphasize to them every day: that our most important asset here at Jewel of the South is hospitality.”

Exemplifying that magical synergy between exceptional drinks and exceptional hospitality, Jewelo Of The South is proving the validity of its name by offering a warm welcome to every guest who walks through its doors.

“Congratulations to Chris Hannah, Victoria Espinel, John Stubbs, Paul Greagoff, and the entire team at Jewel of the South on this wonderful recognition,” said Matt Magliocco, Executive Vice President of Michter’s Distillery. We join in celebrating the Jewel of the South team on a great honour for their establishment and the New Orleans bar community as a whole.” 

The North America’s 50 Best Bars 2024 awards ceremony will take place at the Rosewood San Miguel de Allende in Mexico on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. Returning to Mexico for the second year in a row, the awards aim to provide consumers with an exceptional list of expert-approved drinking destinations across North America.

The countdown to the list of North America’s 50 Best Bars and the awards ceremony will also be broadcast to a global audience who cannot attend in person. Cocktail lovers are encouraged to watch through The World’s 50 Best Bars Facebook page and 50 Best Bars TV YouTube channel.  

Bacardi Hotline Serves Advice To Home Cocktail Makers Making A Stir


March 12,2024

Italian Liqueur Aperol is looking to give consumers an in-depth view of Venice that is rarely seen beyond the tourist trail.

Life View”, a new platform on the Aperol website share the unseen joy of life and its moments of spontaneous conviviality that is at the beating heart of one of the world’s oldest cities.

Powered by Google technology – hosted on Google Maps Street View, ‘Life View’ invites viewers to travel on previously uncaptured waterways in just a few clicks. Using brand new 3600 footage, viewers are invited to explore Venice for themselves through an interactive map.

Bringing a sense of immersion,’Life View’ will capture the spontaneous interactions that occur between the locals who work and live on the canals, and how their embracing attitude to life brings joy to the daily connections they create.


The Locals

Supporting local organizations from the city that are responsible for embedding the Aperol Spritz into its Aperitivo culture, the content sees specialized glass blowing artists from Wave Murano Glass and generationally maintained Gondolier Association and sporting association, Venice on Board interacting with other authentic

The footage of Google Maps ‘Life View’ opens with Terrazza Aperol’s Head Chef Samuele Silvestri and Sous Chef Andrea Dei Rossi as he journeys along a stunning, yet lesser-known, waterway to pick up fresh produce from local supplier Donna Gnora. The embracing interaction between the locals is captured at eye-level, bringing a new perspective of viewer participation into the story.

While many people are familiar with traditional gondolas, the ‘Life View’ footage goes on to reveal exactly how generations of Venetians continue to keep the unique tradition and craft of gondolas alive in a modern world.

From Venice’s Gondolier Association, Benedetta and Aldo Reato, together with the current president of the Association, Andrea Balbi share a day in the life of navigating some of the known and lesser-known canals of Venice. Alongside this, they visited local artisan, Lorenzo della Toffola of the Squero San Trovaso, to give viewers an insight into the specific methods used to restore and repair gondolas.

Local artist and Wave Murano Glass founder, Roberto Beltrami, together with his team, is featured with a nod to the rich history of artists in Venice, as he unveils a piece of art using recycled Aperol bottles. The art piece was meticulously crafted using 40 recycled Aperol bottles, donated by Terrazza Aperol.

The History

“Venice, the city where the aperitivo culture flourished, is at the core of Aperol’s long heritage and today’s contemporary spirit,” explained Campari Group Chief Marketing Officer, Julka Villa. “It has informed our values and shaped our distinctive style.

Aperol has deep roots in Venice. Created in 1919 by founders Luigi and Silvio Barbieri at the International Trade Fair of nearby Padova, the liqueur quickly caught the attention of the canal city.

The aperitif rose to the global fame that it now holds, through local Venician bars served the convivial drink as the perfect Aperitivo moment, alongside bite size snacks,

“To uncover, share and celebrate Venice in its entirety is a very proud moment, and is our way of giving back to the city and Venetians,” Villa continued. “It is so much more than the classic Instagram photos we are used to seeing, and through this initiative we hope to share the depth of the joy that is there to explore above the surface of the famous waterways.”

The View

Shot on an Insta360 Pro 2 cameras in 8K 3D VR, the Street View-ready content captures every detail in every direction.

Viewers will also be able to explore an interactive map that features the 360° content with geo tags, bringing the hidden waterways, undiscovered gems and local stories right into the palms and homes of viewers.

Aperol’s ‘Life View’, powered by Google technology, is available to explore at

Or search the tags #AperolSpritz #Aperol1919 #AperolLifeView #OpenOpYourView #JoinTheJoy to see more on social

Bacardi Hotline Serves Advice To Home Cocktail Makers Making A Stir


March 5,2024

Global Tequila brand Don Julio, in collaboration with Trigger XR, will soon launch its first experience with Apple Vision Pro, building on the brand’s Por Amor campaign.

Don Julio will be the first in the Diageo stable to leverage this immersive new storytelling platform. The Don Julio app is designed to further the brand’s efforts to bring the culture of modern Mexico across the globe.

The app will allow tequila fans to immerse themselves in the world of Don Julio. It leverages the latest in spatial computing to enable users to travel virtually to Mexico and experience the rich legacy, craft, and culture of Don Julio from the comfort of their own homes.

The Don Julio app experience on Apple Vision Pro will focus on the four key chapters in the Don Julio making process: harvesting the agave, baking the piñas, distilling the liquid, and aging the tequila.


Future iterations will feature guided tastings, mixology demonstrations and experiences that will further celebrate the people and cocktail culture of modern Mexico.

“Apple Vision Pro offers us a new opportunity to bring consumers closer to the vibrant world of modern Mexico and all that goes into making Tequila Don Julio an iconic brand,” said Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of Global Tequila and Mezcal Categories at Diageo.

“Spatial computing gives us a rich canvas to deliver the closest version of the physical world of Tequila Don Julio through digital content while allowing users to stay wherever they are in the world. What was once limited to visitor centres, distillery tours, and physical activations is now able to inspire and educate seamlessly with behind-the-scenes access to our award-winning portfolio.”

Consumers can expect The Tequila Don Julio experience on Apple Vision Pro to continue evolving. This first campaign is just the beginning, as Diageo taps into this disruptive technology to bring similar experiences across its portfolio of exceptional spirits.

“The technology behind Apple Vision Pro is an exciting new frontier that empowers us at Diageo to further our commitments to be cultural disruptors and provide industry-leading experiences for our fans around the world,” said Guy Middleton, Global Director of DIAGEO Breakthrough Innovation at Diageo.

“We’re excited to be amongst the first companies to adopt this new technology, enhance the way people discover our brands and help shape the future of immersive storytelling.”

The Tequila Don Julio experience on Apple Vision Pro will be a visionOS application available for users 21+ this spring.

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