Wild Turkey Announces Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye Into The Mix

Wild Turkey Announces Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye

July 23,2020

American bourbon distillers Wild Turkey has released its latest expression, a Rye whiskey that is barrel proof, with a bold taste called Rare Breed.

The expression will be a permanent edition to the Wild Turkey range and is bottled at 112.2 proof and is a blend of four, six, and eight-year-old non-chill filtered ryes whiskies.

With tasting notes that include sweet caramel apple, honey, vanilla, rye grain spice and charred oak, the finish offers spices mingle with fruit.

“At a time when rye whiskey is more widely appreciated than ever before, Wild Turkey continues our longstanding tradition of offering a wide range of rye whiskies that lend themselves to a variety of cocktails and consumption occasions” says Master Distiller Eddie Russell.

“As a rye aficionado himself, my son Bruce Russell was the catalyst for reminding me of the distillery’s relationship with rye whiskey and the value it plays within our portfolio. It’s with him and other rye fans in mind that we introduce Rare Breed Rye.”

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Wild Turkey Announces Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye Into The Mix


February 22,2024

Scotch Whiskey Blenders Dewar’s has introduced the newest iteration from its award-winning Double Double series, Double Double 21-Year-Old Mizunara Oak Cask Finish.

Finished in Japanese Mizunara Oak casks, the expression brings together the distilling traditions of Japan and Scotland, creating a rare blend that captures the essence of the two cultures.

“The journey of creating this expression has been an exploration of flavours and craftsmanship, said Stephanie Macleod, Master Blender for Dewar’s. “Together, my team and I introduced a distinctive twist to our award-winning DEWAR’s Double Double 21-Year-Old by finishing it in Japanese Mizunara Oak casks, creating a new and exciting whisky.

Unlike American oak, Mizunara Oak requires more than 200 years to reach maturity and does not grow straight, posing a unique challenge in the process of forming it into casks. The resulting liquid, however, has an intriguing balance of succulence, purity, and smoothness.

“This latest iteration in the Double Double Series is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences to our connoisseurs,” Macleod continued.

Bottled at 46%, the expression features a balance of tasting notes, with the Oak imparting subtle hints of sandalwood and coconut, contributing to a smooth mouthfeel. The finish leaves behind a sweet, clean taste with a touch of creamy vanilla.

“The unveiling of Dewar’s Double Double 21-Year-Old Mizunara is a toast to change and growth,” explained Brian Cox, Vice President of Dewar’s North America. This release reflects our steadfast dedication to crafting exceptional whisky experiences that bring people together and harmonise tradition and innovation.”

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Wild Turkey Announces Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye Into The Mix


February 21,2024

Scottish Whisky distillers The Macallan has released the second edition in its limited annual release series Home Edition, which seeks to showcase the natural beauty of the birthplace of the brand.

Inspired by the extraordinary natural beauty of The Macallan Estate, River Spey release celebrates the 1.5-mile stretch of water that flows gently through the Estate and is an enduring source of inspiration.

The expression offers rich hints of raisins, treacle sponge and fruit on the nose, accompanied by velvety notes of sultana, butterscotch and chocolate on the palate before giving way to a medium finish with toasted oak spice.

In collaboration with photo-realist artist Michelle Lucking, River Spey is presented in a unique pack featuring a watercolour painting that exquisitely captures the River Spey in its majestic winter beauty.

Lucking used naturally pigmented pastels to create a suite of six original paintings of the River Spey, bringing the water to life with an intensity and exceptional realism which exquisitely captures the light and movement of the great river.

“Water, for me, is a constant source of inspiration,” explained Lucking. “I wanted to convey the importance not just of the river itself but all its elements, the pebbles, the amazing autumnal colours in the surrounding landscape–from the soft yellows and ambers to the burnt umbers and deep treacle tones–hues that I had seen reflected in the natural colour of the whiskies.

Creating something of beauty takes patience,” Lucking continued. “I like to recreate all that fine detail with natural pigmented pastels. Layering and layering, creating all the different blends of colour, getting finer and finer so you end up with this incredible fine detail, and that’s something you can never rush. A lot like creating whiskies here at The Macallan–it takes time.”

Steven Bremner, Whisky Maker at The Macallan, said: “Crafted from a combination of European oak sherry seasoned casks, American oak sherry seasoned casks and refill casks, The Macallan Home Collection, River Spey embodies the dedication to incomparable craftsmanship and creativity, which The Macallan is renowned for.

The Macallan Home Collection, River Spey brings together our time-honoured traditions and our continual inspiration from the nature that runs through The Macallan Estate and offers our community–at home and around the world–a unique insight into what makes our whiskies so exceptional through different aspects of our home.”

Home Collection, River Spey is sold together with a set of three limited edition giclée art prints by the artist Michelle Lucking, exclusively available on The Macallan e-Boutique at

Members of The Macallan Society will receive priority access to the new release. Consumers interested in joining The Macallan Society can visit

Wild Turkey Announces Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye Into The Mix


February 16,2024

Guyanan Rum brand El Dorado is introducing a new high ester blend Rum, ‘La Bonne Intention (LBI) / Diamond High Ester (DHE)’.

Set to be the first of nine, this new expression celebrates the depth and versatility of Demerara rum-making and offer enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the vast spectrum of flavours from Demerara Distillers Limited’s 14 operating stills.

Both rums (LBI and DHE) were distilled back in 2012 and aged in ex-bourbon casks before being blended together and bottled.

Released at cask strength, this blend of rum has never-before been released to the public, high-ester rums were previously used to add flavours to other rums as a minor component.

La Bonne Intention (LBI) comes from the multi-functional French Savalle Still. This four-column metal still was inherited back in the 18th century, on the West Coast of Demerara. The expression is a medium-bodied rum with a distinct honeyed profile and was first produced on the now-closed La Bonne Intention Estates on the East Coast of Demerara.

The Diamond High Ester (DHE) marque is produced by one small John Dore Double Retort Pot Still, that dates back to 1950 and is one of its kind at the Diamond Distillery in Demerara, Guyana. This high ester experiences a lengthy production process, with fermentation taking place over several months, and distillation at both a very slow rate and a very high reflux. The result is a marque with ester levels in excess of 1500g/hL.

The rum provides aromas of figs and star-fruit with the infusion of spices such as cinnamon, clove and vanilla that are balanced by mellow aromas of toffee and honey with subtle undertones of banana.

On the palate, a concise introduction to orange peel is followed by clove, dark chocolate, and hints of burnt caramel which will transition to a softer honeyed profile before finishing with a spicy leather aroma.

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Wild Turkey Announces Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye Into The Mix


February 12,2024

US whiskey brand Bulleit pays homage to its commitment to innovation and sustainability with the release of Bulleit American Single Malt.

Bottled in recycled glass, the expression is the first venture from the brand into the rapidly growing American Single Malt category.

Distilled with a mash bill of 100% malted barley and aged in charred new American white oak barrels, Bulleit American Single Malt delivers notes of sweet vanilla and toasted oak on the nose.

The palate is light and fruity with hints of red fruit and pear. At 90 proof (45% ABV), the whiskey follows with a smooth finish of oaky caramel and subtle cocoa notes.

As a brand that relies on natural resources to produce quality whiskeys, Bulleit has a long-standing history of pioneering sustainability and creativity within its portfolio, reducing its carbon footprint, and investing in restoring the natural resources that go into its production and packaging.

“Bulleit American Single Malt brings Bulleit’s restless innovation and passion for sustainability into this exciting new category that is set to make waves in the whiskey industry for years to come,” commented Jesse Damashek, Senior Vice President of Whiskies & Liqueurs at Diageo.

“With a 100% malted barley mash bill and a striking green bottle created from post-consumer recycled glass, this exceptional whiskey covers a lot of new ground for the brand.”

Staying true to its iconic, award-winning style, Bulleit American Single Malt showcases a sustainably minded evolution of Bulleit’s trademark bottle with a striking and unique green hue crafted with post-consumer recycled glass.

“I believe we’ve succeeded in crafting a distinctive American Single Malt that whiskey lovers across the country will savour and enjoy,” Damashek continued.

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Wild Turkey Announces Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye Into The Mix


February 9,2024

Scotch Whiskey distillery, The Glenlivet, is set to break boundaries with a new range that uses fused dismantled casks from other spirits to finish its liquids.

The first release in the series, The Glenlivet Rum and Bourbon Fusion Cask, finishes the iconic single malt Scotch whisky in bespoke casks that are uniquely crafted by fusing dismantled rum and bourbon barrels.

Seen as a category-first innovation, Glenlivet hopes the Fusion Cask Selection will challenge conventions and set new standards of excellence within the single malt category.

To create the fusion, hand-selected barrels are dismantled and reassembled into one bespoke cask by expert coopers, creating a harmonious fusion of luscious fruit and caramel-toffee notes.

“This category-first innovation continues our commitment and 200-year legacy of pushing boundaries in whisky,” said Kevin Balmforth, The Glenlivet Cask Expert.

“As a team of makers at The Glenlivet, we work closely with our partners at the cooperage to ensure the handmade casks are of the highest quality, and this intricate dismantling and reassembling process to create new bespoke casks ensures a distinctive and expertly crafted finish.”

Offering aromas of orange, vanilla custard, caramel, coconut and zest of lemon, this first expression of the range has notes of juicy apricot and peach, fresh apples, toffee-covered bananas and subtle cinnamon spice on the palate, and a sweet and smooth finish with enduring notes of orange.

“The Glenlivet Rum and Bourbon Fusion Cask is a welcome addition to our portfolio as we continue our journey to push the single malt category forward,” said Johan Radojewski, Vice President Marketing – Scotch, Irish & Prestige Whisk(e)y, Pernod Ricard USA.

“Prestige spirits drinkers in the US are seeking unique and elevated taste experiences, and The Glenlivet Fusion Cask proudly delivers on that demand as we pioneer new depths of flavour through our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.”

This year, the brand commences its bicentennial celebrations, marking 200 years of redefining traditions and moving the single malt Scotch whisky category forward.

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