Threefold Releases Their First Gin Into The Mix

Threefold Releases Their First Gin

January 27,2020

Yes, gin lovers, there’s a new well-rounded and aromatic gin in town from South Australia’s Threefold Distillery.

With a delicate piney freshness accompanied by a citrusy bouquet of grapefruit, orange and lemon, Threefold Gin has been meticulously crafted with a selection of 11 botanicals that create a full-flavoured gin.

“We have created Threefold with the goal of building a brand that genuinely celebrates the spirit of bringing people together,” said Founder and distiller Luke Fleming. “Our first release ‘Aromatic Gin’ presents direct and delicious flavours of grapefruit, rosemary and lavender to create a gin that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.”

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Threefold Releases Their First Gin Into The Mix


May 25,2022

US craft distillery Boardroom Spirits has introduced a portable and effortless solution with the debut of a canned margarita.

Just in time to kick off the summer season, the brand has created a delicate and crafted mixture of Agave Spirit and Boardroom’s Orange Liqueur. The canned RTD is made with natural flavours and comes in with a 9%ABV.

Boardroom introduced the canned margaritas through a series of teaser videos featuring the Chairman struggling to create a perfect margarita at home. 

In the first video, the Chairman cuts his paw while slicing limes while in the second video, he spills the margarita mixture. The Chairman searches for a lost shaker of salt in the third video adding to his growing frustration. In the last video, the Chairman unveils the perfect solution and plunks down Boardroom’s canned margarita with clean ingredients that are neither too sweet nor sour and completely uncomplicated.  

“Margaritas are synonymous with summer, but only when done right,” said Mike Podlogar, Director of RTD Program for Boardroom Spirits. “We wanted to craft the perfect margarita that is equally portable, tasty, and harmoniously balances rich agave flavours with citrus and sugar.

Margaritas are best enjoyed while relaxing and we even illustrate that in our can artwork with the Chairman floating in a pool enjoying a margarita. That summer carefree energy carries over to this effortless drink for summer parties with the only hassle being deciding when and where to enjoy it… no extra work required” 

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Threefold Releases Their First Gin Into The Mix


May 23,2022

Italian Vermouth brand Cucielo has expanded its collection with the launch of a Dry Vermouth di Torino that has been crafted to capture the essence of ‘Golden Hour’ and Italian Aperitivo Culture.

With crisp notes of fresh Sicilian citrus, complemented by a light yet herbal bitterness, the brand’s Dry Vermouth di Torino has been designed to highlight the most iconic of aperitif cocktails, the Martini.

“It’s a really exciting time in the history of Vermouth as the rise of aperitif drinks globally has opened up the category to a new generation of drinkers who are not only enjoying vermouth in amazing cocktails but also as the hero ingredient in a spritz or simple serve,” said brand founder Andy Holmes. “We’re also seeing new levels of excitement in vermouth amongst bartenders, who are embracing the spirit’s complexity which is often compared to that of a perfume.

“Cucielo Dry is a homage to aperitivo culture – from the selection of botanicals through to the label design which is inspired by the iconic golden hour. Authenticity and originality sit at the heart of our products and our dry expression follows the revered techniques that led to Vermouth Di Torino becoming recognised in EU law in 2017 as a DOC appellation for its quality and provenance”.

With its unique “Ricetta Originale”, CUCIELO Dry’s all-natural botanical formula, includes pontica & gentle artemisia, Aloe Ferox, bitter & sweet orange peel from Calabria, elderflower, dried Sicilian lemon peel & cardamom amongst a number of other natural, secret ingredients.

Hailing from Italy’s Piedmont region, which was the birthplace of both Vermouth and Aperitivo culture, the expression is a versatile, natural vermouth, with enough character to work simply mixed with premium tonic or on its own, served chilled, over ice with a garnish of orange wedge. Bottled at 18% ABV, Cucielo Dry Vermouth is available today across Europe, Asia and Africa

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Threefold Releases Their First Gin Into The Mix


May 17,2022

Honouring Tsukuriwake, which means “artisanship through a diversity of making”, the House of Suntory has unveiled the launch of the 2022 Yamazaki Limited Edition Tsukuriwake Selection.

Since its launch in 1984, Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky has always been crafted to be revered for its profound and spiritual nature, its complexity and multi-layered nuance, consistently featuring the foundational pillars – Puncheon, Peated Malt, Spanish Oak and Mizunara.

Innovation in Japanese Whisky is known to occur at the back end – in maturation or blending. But few understand the diversity of the whisky components that it takes to achieve this depth and gravitas.

The House of Suntory’s Tsukuriwake in Yamazaki uniquely prides itself in multiple strengths of non-peated and peated grain varieties, two types of washbacks, eight pairs with various shapes of pot stills and maturation in four different oak casks (French, Spanish, Japanese and American) with three cask size differences in American Oak. This makes Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky, a Single Malt quite like no other.

“What excited me most about this launch is that just one year before the 100th anniversary of Suntory Whisky, we can finally share the full story behind our Tsukuriwake way of whisky making, which was born from the Founding House of Japanese Whisky,” says Suntory’s Fifth-Generation Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo.

“The 2022 Yamazaki Limited Edition Tsukuriwake Selection honours the fact that greatness comes from diversity. And in doing so, we unveil what truly makes Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky the authority of Japanese Whisky.”

The Puncheon is considered the “heart” of what makes Yamazaki Single Malt, Yamazaki. The Yamazaki Puncheon Single Malt Whisky comprises selected malts aged exclusively in puncheons crafted by Suntory artisans from hand-selected American oak.

The Peated Malt is considered the “hidden accent” giving Yamazaki its complexity and lingering finish. The Yamazaki Peated Malt is comprised of heavily peated malted barley that is masterfully blended to create the quintessential Yamazaki Peated Malt that is gentle and refined.

The Spanish Oak is considered the depth-enhancer giving Yamazaki its quintessential multi-layered full flavour with mature fruity notes. The Yamazaki Spanish Oak is comprised of malt whiskies matured in the highest quality oak casks originating from Northern Spain.

Mizunara is a species of oak native to Japan and is considered the signature enhancer giving Yamazaki its quintessential Japanese character and elegance. Whiskies undergo a long maturation in Mizunara casks taking on a distinctive Japanese spiciness and incense-like flavour of sandalwood and agarwood.

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Threefold Releases Their First Gin Into The Mix


May 17,2022

UK distillery, Portobello Road, has created a farm to bottle limited-edition British Asparagus vodka, which it claims is the “world’s first”.

Coming 7 years after the brand released its Asparagus Gin, the Asparagus Vodka has a more intense flavour and features no filtration or additives, to up-scale classic cocktails such as the Negroni or Martini.

“The fact that it was a gin and therefore required to be juniper-led meant the actual asparagus flavour was quite subtle,” said Portobello Road Distillery co-founder Jake Burger. ” So when we stepped into vodka production, we wanted to revisit the ingredient, but this time in a product where the flavour could really stand out and sing in mixed drinks”.

With an “earthiness and nuttiness” to the vodka’s flavour, the flavour of asparagus arrives early and lingers long, with a surprising amount of sweetness.

Burger added: “We’re really excited to bring this world-first to bartenders and introduce a flavour that isn’t widely used. We are seeing a real desire from customers for more savoury drinks. It is something that we have noticed in our West London venue, The Distillery, and it is perhaps in response to the overly sweet, sugary spirits that have flooded the market in recent years.”

Expected to be released annually, at the start of asparagus season, the expression has been released in a limited run of 600 bottles.

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Threefold Releases Their First Gin Into The Mix


May 16,2022

Chicken Cock, the famous old brand since 1856, is kicking off the “Summer of the Rooster” with a bold new limited-edition release of Island Rooster Rum Barrel Rye. The new expression starts with Chicken Cock’s Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey and is finished in Caribbean rum casks for at least six months.

Island Rooster has a 95% rye and 5% malted barley mash bill, which is bottled at 95 proof (47.5% ABV) in an apothecary-style embossed bottle featuring a premium metal cup cap – perfect for pouring while outside this summer.

With a rich, dark amber colour, the Island Rooster has a tremendous complexity that mixes spice, vanilla, butterscotch and pepper, which is beautifully complemented by just enough rum sweetness.

Island Rooster was inspired by a trip to the Caribbean, where roosters announce the coming day. With this new release, Chicken Cock is announcing its “Summer of the Rooster” program where the brand will showcase its bold, confidence, and expressive take on the iconic Chicken Cock rooster.

“Summer is the ideal season for Chicken Cock to take traditional indoor whiskey-drinking occasions outside and Island Rooster’s rum barrel finish makes this a whiskey you’ll want to throw in your pack as you head outdoors,” said Matti Anttila, founder of Grain & Barrel Spirits, which owns Chicken Cock.

Awarded a Gold Medal at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Island Rooster was produced in a limited edition with only 25 barrels.

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