Lagavulin Has Launched Second Nick Offerman Expression Into The Mix

Lagavulin Has Launched Second Nick Offerman Expression

May 12,2021

Scottish Single Malt distillery Lagavulin has yet again teamed up with US actor Nick Offerman, this time launching an 11-year-old whisky finished in Guinness beer casks.

Ahead of World Whisky Day (15 May) & Father’s Day (20 June – US & UK), the limited-edition 11-year-old Lagavulin Offerman Edition. was aged for four months in former Guinness beer casks from Ireland’s Open Gate Brewery.

The expression has notes of ‘intense peat and charred wood’ along with hints of roasted coffee, dark chocolate and caramel from the Guinness casks.

To celebrate its launch, Offerman has unveiled the fifth instalment in his Lavagulin: My Tales of Whisky video series.

Titled ‘Nick Offerman’s Father’s Day Part Five’, the new video stars Offerman and his father Ric, and playfully highlights how the whisky was created before concluding with the duo enjoying a dram in a pub.

“The opportunity to collaborate on this truly sublime, smoky giggle-juice renews my gratitude for the simple things in life, like a father’s love, and the good manners he taught me,” said Offerman.

Lagavulin Offerman Edition: Guinness Cask Finish is available in the US, through Reserve Bar and Drizly.

Lagavulin Has Launched Second Nick Offerman Expression Into The Mix


May 20,2024

Miami-based Rum brand Coconut Cartel has announced the launch of its latest expression, Coconut Cartel Blanco.

Capturing the essence of the Dominican Republic’s finest sugarcane and locally harvested coconuts, Coconut Cartel stands apart as the only brand to use fresh coconut water in the process of proofing rum, resulting in a distinctive and refreshing flavour profile.

The Blanco expression carefully blends unaged pot still rum sourced from the distillery’s own sugarcane farms in the Dominican Republic with one-year-old column still rum aged in American White oak ex-bourbon barrels.

“I’m captivated by the diverse and intricate nature of artisanal pot-still white rums, particularly cane spirits like Mexican Charanda, Brazilian Cachaca, and Rhum Agricole,” explained Coconut Cartel Co-Founder Dani Zig, who founded the rum brand with her brother Mike.

“This fascination inspired us to craft our own white rum blend, aimed at acquainting enthusiasts and curious consumers with the array of funky flavour profiles in a delightful and accessible manner.”

Boasting complex aromas of fresh cane, white pepper, and tropical fruits like unripe banana and dried pineapple, Coconut Cartel simultaneously delivers a distinct minerality on the palate that leads to a clean and crisp finish.

Bottled at 94 proof, Coconut Cartel’s Blanco is far from a flavoured coconut rum. Skillfully cut to proof with fresh coconut water sourced from locally harvested Brazilian Green Dwarf coconuts, Blanco achieves a rich and exciting balance of flavours and a smooth, approachable profile.

“Leveraging coconut water’s rich mineral and salt content, we mitigate any harsh bitterness or “burn” typical of high-proof rums while enhancing the vibrant flavour nuances exclusive to these high-ester spirits,” Zig continued.

Guided by a commitment to provenance and an unconventional approach to blending and branding, Coconut Cartel embodies the Zigs’ relentless hustle and determination to push boundaries.

For more information, go to

Lagavulin Has Launched Second Nick Offerman Expression Into The Mix


May 20,2024

Kentucky whiskey brand Wild Turkey has announced the latest addition to its highly collectable Master’s Keep series with the release of Triumph.

With a name that speaks to the contemporary revival of rye whiskey, Triumph features sweet honey and clove notes that transition to dark chocolate, dates and spice with a rich mocha-coffee and black pepper finish.

Bottled at 104-proof, Triumph is the second rye whiskey to be released within the Master’s Keep series, and is the oldest age-stated rye ever released by the brand.

“The Master’s Keep series continues to be a display of our creativity and quality at Wild Turkey. We’ve always seen the collection as a vehicle to tell stories that celebrate our heritage and who we are as a distillery,” says Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller, Eddie Russell.

Hand-selected and laid down 10 years before Rye’s present popularity, Triumph speaks to the contemporary revival of rye whiskey, now recognized for its quality and distinctive profile, and to Wild Turkey’s reverence for all the spirit has to offer.

Inspired by his son, Associate Blender Bruce Russell’s affinity for rye, Eddie began exploring the possibilities offered by this spicy and bold style of whiskey. The extended ageing process makes for a sweet honey and warm spiced profile that has reimagined conventional rye.

“This particular release was inspired by Bruce’s fondness for rye and is a nod to his influence on my work. Triumph is a rye you’ll be proud to serve neat and is a testament to the tenacity of the spirit.”

Holding true to its convictions and continuing to produce top-quality rye, Wild Turkey see this small-batch release as a celebration of what Kentucky Rye Whiskey can be and serves as an evolution of the distillery’s rye craftsmanship.

Master’s Keep Triumph will be available in limited quantities via US online presale beginning in early June. Fans can sign up for the Wild Turkey community newsletter here to learn more about the product and presale availability.

Lagavulin Has Launched Second Nick Offerman Expression Into The Mix


May 18,2024

After a three-year break, French Cognac brand Hennessy has unveiled the next instalment of its Master Blender’s Selection series, Master Blender’s Selection No 5.

This Limited-Edition expression, bottled at 43% ABV, is composed of truly unique, unreplicatable blends that will never be replicated. This unique liquid is the result of craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation, curated under the expert eye of Hennessy’s 8th-generation Master Blender, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde.

“I wanted to pay tribute to the artisans behind the scenes – exclusive Hennessy distillers who are experts and share with us, year after year, first-rate eaux-de-vie remarkable for their purity, finesse and potential,” explained Fillioux de Gironde

“Some have been with us almost since the Maison was founded over 200 years ago. It generally takes many years of training between generations for the son or daughter of the current distiller to take over.


“It’s with these future generations that we’ll continue to grow and offer cognacs rooted in our terroir yet deeply contemporary in nature,” Fillioux de Gironde continued.

The Master Blender’s Selection No. 5 requires an unprecedented eaux-de-vie selection process, followed by a maturing process of at least seven years in French oak barrels. It offers aromatic complexity. Renaud has selected and combined different eaux-de-vie produced by these 18 unique families of distillers, merging their characters and personalities to create an unmatched cognac.

On the nose, it presents a sophisticated world with notes of spice and candied orange, while the palate is smooth, with delightful pastry notes of cocoa and sweet spices, a comforting creaminess. Then come notes of light tobacco and candied orange.

“Being the 8th generation Master Blender is a tremendous honour,” explained Fillioux de Gironde, “and I feel privileged to be able to continue the craft that was passed down to me by my uncle Yann Fillioux.

“With Master Blender’s Selection No 5, I opted for an innovative approach blend produced in a single batch that will never be replicated – this limited edition is a celebration of the collaborative spirit and expertise in the world of Cognac.”

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Lagavulin Has Launched Second Nick Offerman Expression Into The Mix


May 8,2024

A new Texas-based venture, Round 2 Spirits, has launched Weber Ranch 1902 Vodka, exclusively distilled from 100% Blue Weber Agave.

“By volume, vodka is the largest spirits category in the U.S., but let’s be honest, it’s been a long time since there was any meaningful innovation or true disruption in this space,” explained Lee Applbaum, President and COO of Round 2 Spirits.

“Weber Ranch Vodka is one of the most groundbreaking new products created in this category, and delivers a smooth, clean flavor profile unlike our competitors, largely because of the superior-quality Blue Weber Agave. Better ingredients are key to making a better product, and that’s absolutely true in our case.”

Weber Ranch Vodka marks a significant departure for a spirit commonly made from wheat, corn, or potatoes that take just a few months to harvest, compared to Blue Weber Agave which takes up to seven years to mature and is hand-harvested in Jalisco, Mexico.

Beginning its journey in Jalisco, Mexico, the agave is hand-harvested and distilled in Jalisco, before being transported to the Weber Ranch Distillery in Muenster, Texas. Once there, the liquid is further distilled in proprietary copper pot and column stills, filtered, and bottled.

The Vodka’s unique character is created through this second distillation and filtration with the addition of water from the local Trinity Aquifer.

The Vodka is naturally 100% gluten, carb, and additive free from garden to glass, and is said to exhibit an extraordinarily unique and clean taste profile that retains all the bright citrus notes from the agave, yet creates a velvety smooth mouthfeel unlike any other vodka.

“Blue Weber Agave is truly a special plant that creates a superior spirit, and that’s not just limited to tequila,” says Antonio Rodriguez, Weber Ranch’s master distiller, and the former production director at Patrón Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico.

“Weber Ranch Vodka is unmistakably a vodka, but because we’re using agave, we’re able to develop subtle, smooth flavour notes of tropical fruit and citrus that make this spirit not only better for classic vodka cocktails, but it works equally well in traditional agave-based drinks like a ranch water or Paloma. The tremendous versatility is the real magic of this spirit.”

Weber Ranch Vodka (80 proof) marks the first product release by Round 2 Spirits and will be available throughout the USA

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Lagavulin Has Launched Second Nick Offerman Expression Into The Mix


May 8,2024

Canadian Gin brand Empress 1908 announces the U.S. launch of its new premium, handcrafted, small batch expression, Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin.

Crafted with eight unique botanicals, including juniper berries, lemon, jasmine, star anise, cucumber and fresh lemon zest, the Cucumber Lemon Gin is inspired by traditional afternoon tea, with lively citrus notes and bursts with extraordinary flavour.

Complementing the juniper, the fusion of vibrant lemon zest and crisp garden cucumber offers a subtle hint of cardamom spice and the delicate aroma of jasmine.

“We always strive to create balanced, high-quality blends that inspire creativity and offer inviting flavours,” explained Eric Dopkins, CEO and Chairman of Milestone Brands.

“Following the overwhelmingly positive reception of our Elderflower Rose Gin last year, we leveraged our Master Distillers’ extensive botanical expertise to introduce our next innovative flavour: Cucumber Lemon.

We are excited to see Empress Cucumber Lemon Gin support Empress Gin’s mission of creating the most distinctive cocktails,” Dopkins continued.

Bottled at 42.5% ABV, Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin is best enjoyed in the signature Cucumber & Tonic cocktail, served with premium tonic water and garnished with a fresh cucumber slice and a lemon wheel to enhance the botanicals in the gin.

For more information, go to and follow the brand on social media via @Empress1908Gin.

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