Fluère Spirito Non Alcolico Adds Mezcal Alternative Expression Into The Mix

Fluère Spirito Non Alcolico Adds Mezcal Alternative Expression

August 20,2020

Non-alcoholic spirits brand Fluère is releasing a smoked Agave spirit this year in the UK, US, Mexico, and Benelux, before rolling out globally in 2021.

Fluère Smoked Agave is said to have been made using the same techniques as alcohol-based spirits but with the addition of fresh Salmiana agave juice

Fluère Smoked Agave is said to have notes of ‘smoke and honey on the nose with fresh notes of pear’, while on the palate ‘vegetal sweetness of agave with some bitter overtones and a hint of black pepper’ come through. The flavours also develop into ‘eucalyptus and mint’.

‘We’re excited about the latest addition to the Fluère range having seen the success globally of our other non-alcoholic spirits,’ said Fluère CEO, Léon Meijers. ‘With the growth in the category and the interest in agave and mezcal we felt the time was right for our Smoked Agave launch.’

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Fluère Spirito Non Alcolico Adds Mezcal Alternative Expression Into The Mix


June 3,2023

Canadian whisky producer Crown Royal has released Golden Apple, a new luxury flavoured whiskey to its range.

Aged 23 years, the expression has the flavour of golden delicious apples, with additional notes of creamy vanilla, toasted oak and cinnamon. This limited-edition blend is 40% ABV.

Starting mid-June, consumers will also have access to an augmented reality experience synced to music, via QR code found on the bottle.

“This disruptive new liquid offering is a result of a shared commitment to innovation and creativity that speaks to our fans that have been patiently waiting for an evolution of Regal Apple,” says Hadley Schafer, Director of Crown Royal Whisky.

“Launching a partnership with an artist like Solange Knowles brings the expertise of a leading whisky brand and the fresh perspective and vision of a creative trailblazer who routinely pushes artistic boundaries together in such an authentic manner. We are excited to continue creating tasteful, groundbreaking experiences following this launch.”

To celebrate the release, the brand has partnered with artist Solange Knowles for Saint Heron. This includes a series of events, kicking off June 8 in New York with the debut of Saint Heron’s first collection of hand-blown glassware at the opening reception of the creative group’s screening of “A House is not a Home.”

“Crown Royal represents the same values of quality, craftsmanship and innovation that we create at Saint Heron,” says Knowles. “I admire their legacy of creating and influencing cultural iconography, as it is something that is always at the forefront of my creative process.”

“Together, we are creating something truly unique and unexpected, that embodies the creative spirit of Saint Heron to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” Knowles adds.

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Fluère Spirito Non Alcolico Adds Mezcal Alternative Expression Into The Mix


June 1,2023

Irish Whiskey distiller, Teeling, has announced the second release in its Wonders of Wood (WOW) series of Single Pot Still, limited edition bottlings.

Known for its unique and interesting expressions of Irish whiskey, Teelings is continuing its mission to push the boundaries of flavour by utilising unique styles of wood for maturation.

Matured in virgin Portuguese oak barrels, the second edition of the WOW bottlings consists of Single Pot Still crafted from a recipe of 50% malted barley and 50% un-malted barley.

With a higher tannin content than other oak variants normally used in the Whiskey industry, the virgin Portuguese oak barrels produce a distinct savoury marmalade flavour with warming hints of tobacco and pepper.

As part of Teeling’s mission to give back to its local community, each bottle of Wonders of Wood purchased will facilitate the brand to work with the Tree Council of Ireland in the reforestation of a designated woodland area with exclusively native Irish trees.

“Wood is an amazing, sustainable and environmentally friendly material that plays a huge role in developing the flavour and character of a whiskey as it matures,” explained Jack Teeling, Founder and Managing Director of Teeling Whiskey. “We are truly in wonder of the role wood has in crafting our Teeling Whiskeys as well as its impact on the wider environment, so as part of our new series, we wanted to do our part in helping the replanting of our native Irish forests.

“Single Pot Still is uniquely Irish and is perhaps the fastest-growing style of Irish whiskey in the world,’ Teeling continued. “Teeling Whiskey is very proud to be at the forefront of expanding the offering within this unique category of Irish whiskey and helping it evolve through world-class releases such as our Wonders of Wood series.”

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Fluère Spirito Non Alcolico Adds Mezcal Alternative Expression Into The Mix


June 1,2023

French Cognac house Camus is seeking to bring Cognac back to the centre of the dining table by unveiling its newest blend, Camus XO.


Crafted using the Houses’ patented distillation method called “Instensity,” the expression mixes wines from various crus in Cognac, including Borderies, the most sought-after cru in the region.

Resulting in an aromatic Cognac of superior fruity intensity, Camus XO contains savoury aromas of bitter apricot and oranges, as well as a dash of deep cacao on the nose. On the palate, the aromatic blend is silky with a honey-like texture and intense floral notes, a direct result of the brand’s patented Intensity process.

“Camus XO is a perfect expression of the House of Camus’ uncompromising quest for the most intensely aromatic cognacs,” says Cyril Camus, Camus CEO.

“The culmination of advanced distillation, finishing, and blending techniques developed over five generations, CAMUS XO is a Cognac that evolves on the palate into a journey of emotions and sensations,” he continued.

Designed to bring pure pleasure to the senses, this new aromatic expression is encased in a stunning decanter destined to illuminate the most elegant dinner and after-dinner conversations.

The decanter’s lightly convex and squared face is laced with geometric motifs reminiscent of 18th-century coats of arms. The decanter is sealed with a golden stopper, the top of which has been carved out to reveal the four-leaf clover, the symbol of CAMUS since 1863.

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Fluère Spirito Non Alcolico Adds Mezcal Alternative Expression Into The Mix


May 30,2023

Texan tequila brand, La Caza, has officially unveiled three expressions of its smooth, authentic ultra-premium tequilas.

Born of a dream of creating a refined tequila that is respectful to the spirit and its origins, La Caza is the result of founder, Drake Screws’ curiosity to find the “perfect tequila”.

The tequilas – Blanco, Reposado and Añejo – begin with exceptional, all-natural Blue Weber Agave grown by fifth-generation farmers and are handpicked in the Highlands region of Jalisco.

Distilled by the Vivanco Family with their timeless, renowned craftsmanship, the tequilas are then cooked and fermented for nearly one hundred hours to the sound of classical music and poured into hand-blown glass bottles, becoming the welcoming spirit that is La Caza Tequila.

It feels surreal to finally introduce La Caza after so many years and what feels like a million miles travelled,” said La Caza Tequila Founder Drake Screws. “The process to this point was certainly filled with blood, sweat and tears, as well as incredible memories made along the way, and that makes me proud to put our tequilas in the hands of those who we hope enjoy them as much as we do.

“None of this would be possible without the entire La Caza team, and I have endless gratitude for them and, of course, the Vivanco Family in Jalisco that helped bring this dream to life,” Screws continued.

La Caza Tequila features:

Blanco – The Blanco is smooth with a hint of sweetness, and the floral notes of this robust tequila captivate and command attention.

Reposado – Aged by four months, the Reposado is balanced and elegant while delivering a humble barrel-age temperament with full-bodied hazelnut flavours.

Añejo – Aged by sixteen months, the Añejo is sophisticated, featuring enchanting rich vanilla and caramel aromas and introducing subtle citrus and floral tones, culminating in a long-lasting finish.

La Caza, which means “The Hunt” in Spanish, represents the adventurous spirit of its founders and inspires consumers to embark on their own journeys, whatever they may be.

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Fluère Spirito Non Alcolico Adds Mezcal Alternative Expression Into The Mix


May 27,2023

Australian Distillery Hickson House has collaborated with the renowned local chef, Sean Connolly, to release Hickson Rd Seven Spice Gin.

The contemporary culinary gin features a delicate blend of seven native Australian botanicals designed to pair grilled meat and seafood to enhance meal occasions.


Hickson Rd. Seven Spice Gin Carrotini

With a nod to the diversity of local botanicals, the gin features native lemongrass, mountain pepper leaf, aniseed myrtle, finger lime, wattleseed, bush tomato and lemon myrtle, carefully balanced with the traditional juniper.

The bar team at Hickson House has built a range of new cocktails around the gin, while Connolly has created a menu of dishes to match the drinks. Highlights include Dry-Aged Muscovy Duck paired with the savoury Martini riff Seven Spice Carrotini, and Scallops & Native Citrus Butter, which pairs with the citrusy but balanced Seven Spice Myrtle Mayhem.

“I loved the challenge of creating a botanical-based menu,” explained Connolly. “Each dish heroes one botanical with the others supporting.

“Sitting at the bar learning about gins with the team was a spiritual experience – pun intended. As we tasted Seven Spice Gin,  the culinary magic just happened naturally – I hope you agree.”


Scallops with Native Citrus Butter

To celebrate the collaboration, Hickson House will host exclusive ‘Distiller’s Table’ dinners on June 8th and 15th, amid the distillery’s copper stills and oak barrels, featuring Sean’s gin-paired menu.

Hosted by brand owner Mikey Enright and distiller Tim Stones, the dinners will present an unforgettable experience for just 20 foodies and gin lovers.

“It’s been part of Hickson House’s vision from day one to educate and inspire our patrons and to elevate their meals with matching food and drink recipes,” Enright explained. “Tim’s liquid and Sean’s menu kick that off perfectly”.

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