Agave Spirits Brand Nosotros Tequila Releases Mezcal Into The Mix

Agave Spirits Brand Nosotros Tequila Releases Mezcal

July 23,2020

Double Gold award-winning tequila brand Nosotros has become one of few brands to take on multiple agave spirits categories with the release of their new Mezcal.

A unique blend of Espadín, Tobalá, and love, the new Mezcal creates a balance between apricot and citrus surrounded by an earthy campfire finish. The brand have said that Nosotros Mezcal is as different and delicious as its agave-derived cousin, Nosotros Tequila.

“We didn’t want to enter the category just because there’s room in the market. We’re here to keep the integrity of a small-batch craft, while introducing innovation under the same principles that empowered our tequila in a crowded space,” said Michael Arbanas, CFO and Co-Founder

”We understand what we’re doing is different, but in a craft-ready market more focused on quality over quantity, different is what this juice needs. If you’ve never had our premium blend of agaves, just try it.”

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Agave Spirits Brand Nosotros Tequila Releases Mezcal Into The Mix


July 17,2024

Jamaican Rum brand Appleton Estate has announced the eighth edition in its prestigious, annual, limited-edition Hearts series of extremely rare 100% pot still Jamaican rums.

Hand-selected by legendary Master Blender Dr Joy Spence in partnership with rum connoisseur Luca Gargano, Hearts Collection 1998 has aged 25 tropical years on the Appleton Estate. It showcases the exceptional depth and harmony of flavours in an advanced-aged rum and is an ode to Appleton Estate’s centuries of excellence in rum-making.

“The 1998 release is exceptional, not only for its incredible depth and age but also because it pays homage to one of the most cherished releases of my career,” explained Spence.

“Hearts Collection 1998 closely replicates one of the rare marques used in the Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend,” she continued. “Its striking vanilla notes and silky finish make this an ideal rum for sipping and savouring.”

The 1998 expression comes from just 19 barrels and offers elegant notes of warm vanilla alongside herbs and fruit, delicate molasses, ginger, smoked coffee, butterscotch, and subtle oak.

As Jamaica’s oldest continuously operated rum distillery, Appleton Estate is the custodian of one of the most extensive and luxurious collections of ageing rum barrels in the world.

The debut Hearts Collection vintages, named to pay tribute to the heart of Jamaica, were released in 2020 and were the first pot still rums from a single barrel Appleton Estate ever released.

Appleton Estate Hearts Collection 1998 will be available at the end of August. These limited-edition expressions and subsequent releases sold out in minutes in several locations and continue to be prized by rum collectors worldwide.

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Agave Spirits Brand Nosotros Tequila Releases Mezcal Into The Mix


July 12,2024

French Cognac House Delamain has announced the extension of its permanent range with the addition of an exclusive Grande Champagne Cognac, L’Oiseau Rare.

L’Oiseau Rare (rare bird) is an hors d’âge (beyond age) Cognac that has additionally spent over a decade in a specially crafted “foudre” (a century-old seasoned oak vat that sits in the Grand Chai in Jarnac).

Released as part of The House’s bicentenary celebrations, L’Oiseau Rare demonstrates the special relationship with the Grande Champagne terroir and the harmony created when time, cellar conditions and the blender’s art combine.

Encapsulating the signature Delamain style, the expression reveals complex, ethereal, captivating aromas that only the finest, matured eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne can produce.

On the nose, the amber-hued spirit reveals delicate notes of flowers and a hint of spice. It is followed by perfectly ripe summer fruits and elevated by the scent of roasted almonds and other nuts. On the palate, flavours of orange zest intermingle with red fruits, Kirsch cherries, and Muscat grapes, complemented by a refreshing note of cardamom.

“This exceptional blend was created by Dominique Touteau, Delamain’s former Cellar Master, crowning his 40-year career,” explained Charles Braastad, Delamain’s Cellar Master

“There are so many wonderous elements at work in this blend. The extraordinary individual qualities of the eaux-de-vies, the opportunity to imagine how these individual talents could be brought together in a symphony. It is a privilege to continue this blend in the wake of Dominique Touteau’s legacy and to launch this exceptional cognac in the year of our Bicentenary.”

Embodying the passion and savoir-faire of a 200-year journey in pursuit of cognac excellence, the expression pays tribute to Jacques Delamain’s vision. A scholar and prolific writer, Delamain wove together a passion for the natural world (specifically ornithology) and the ethereal nature of Grande Champagne cognacs.

This is best seen through the unique decanter, which showcases different bird species, including a Kestrel, native to the Charente region, highlighted in gold (a nod to Delamain’s portrayal of the bird in his book “Portraits d’Oiseaux”).  Underscoring the naturalist inspiration, the decanter complements the decorative pattern with a gold-coloured metal collar and a glass stopper nested in an oak wood gift box featuring walnut and birch wood.

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Agave Spirits Brand Nosotros Tequila Releases Mezcal Into The Mix


July 10,2024

British distributor Disaronno International has unveiled its first rum brand, Rump@blic, with the launch of two ranges, Sicilian Legacy and Origins.

Creating “The Republic of Rum” without boundaries and inspired by the sugar cane route, the brand is intended to provide unique rums with diverse identities, distillation and ageing techniques.

“We are delighted to introduce our Rump@blic range to the UK,” said Peter Dries, Regional Trade Marketing Director, Disaronno International UK. “Rump@blic has a truly global heritage, with influences from across the world – Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas – Rump@blic is bringing a fresh approach to the world of rum.

“The result is a truly unique compilation of flavours, wonderfully complex, with exceptional aromatic notes and spices to heighten the drinker experience. Our rums are perfect to enjoy sipped neat or to elevate a cocktail – each expression is a true masterclass in the art of rum craftsmanship.”

Ranging from a one-off single-batch expression, Sicilian Legacy, through to the Origins range, which champions Rum’s global heritage with blends from “The Rum Belt,” Rump@blic is driven by innovation and seeks to offer a true exploration into the history of rum-making.

Sicilian Legacy


Rump@blic Sicilian Legacy 100% Jamaican blend is a rum which reflects the strong notes of the island of origin and the round palatableness of the Sicilian Marsala. The perfect encounter between an aged «funk» pot still distilled rum and an aromatic column still rum, rounded and smoothened by Marsala Florio Cask.



The Origins range combines the highest quality rum from around the world with various ageing techniques. Stretching from the heartlands of sub-Saharan Africa to the mainlands of Southeast Asia through to Spanish-speaking territories in Europe and South America, Origins represents an attentive selection of sought-after tastes and scents worldwide.

Characterised by distillation in a blend of column and pot stills under the supervision of Sicilian experts, each expression focuses on the distinctive distillation techniques and ageing methods of each country they are rooted in, resulting in complex, layered rums. Bottled at 41.5% ABV, each expression is signed with its country of origin’s geographical coordinates and an authentic Rump@blic travel stamp.

African Rum Identity is a masterclass in the essence of Africa – aromatic with sharp and slightly spicy notes. This expression offers a balanced taste with peppery notes from Ghana and Eswatini.

Spanish Rum Identity encapsulates signature Spanish-style rum with warmth, structured softness and floral hints. Full-bodied yet light, its fragrant aroma takes inspiration from Venezuela and Spain.

Indochina Rum Identity originates in Thailand and the Philippines. Smooth and round with a spicy touch, this expression encloses Southeast Asian flavours, completed by a long liquorice finish.

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Agave Spirits Brand Nosotros Tequila Releases Mezcal Into The Mix


July 8,2024

Peruvian Pisco brand Suyo has created a new Exploratory Series to share rare and exclusive Pisco varietals created in various regions and through different production methods.

Spotlighting artisanal producers who are making incredible distillates in hyper-limited quantities, each of the releases in the Exploratory Series will typically be less than 200 bottles.

“We find these amazing spirits tucked away in remote valleys of Peru, but given the tiny and limited quantities, we typically are unable to introduce them via our core line,” explained co-founder Alex Hildebrandt. He and his fellow-founder, Ian Leggett, regularly explore the Peruvian countryside in search of unique Piscos.

The first release, from the Negra Criolla grape variety, is SUYO’s interpretation of what pisco was like 500 years ago, similar to an “ancestral” mezcal. The grapes for this pisco were harvested in 2015 from a vineyard located 1,700 meters above sea level in the Caravelí region of Arequipa, Peru.

The grapes were foot-stomped and then fermented in amphora-style clay vessels that were partially buried to control temperature. The must was then distilled in a traditional 500L alembic copper pot, and the spirit rested for 8.5 years.

The second Exploratory release is technically not a pisco as it’s rested in wood. Due to its Peruvian Denomination of Origin, it can never be aged in wood and must always be clear.

“That’s one of the fun parts about the Exploratory releases. They give us an opportunity to really put our creativity to the test,” explained Leggett.

The pair put Quebranta Pisco into a barrel anyway to see how it would taste, and earlier this year, they decided that the timing was right. This limited release was aged four years in ex-whiskey American Oak barrels, and the resulting ‘Andean Brandy’, as they call it, was bottled at cask strength.

The sold-out release was a 2015 vintage ‘Mosto Verde’ pisco from the Italia grape variety (Muscat of Alexandria) that was distilled from partially fermented grape must and then rested for 8 years in neutral containers.

The available releases can be seen online and through select retailers in New York, Massachusetts, and California.

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Agave Spirits Brand Nosotros Tequila Releases Mezcal Into The Mix


July 4,2024

Scotch distillers Ardbeg have released The Unicorn’s Tale, the second release in the brand’s ‘rare and strange single malts’ series.

The Ardbeg Anthology Collection is inspired by the brand’s outlandish ‘hybrid’ style, which blends classic expressions with experimental stock to create new flavour combinations.

Named after different mythological creatures, this second iteration tells the tale of the lesser-spotted Islay Unicorn, which was spotted by distillery workers late one night after the clip-clop of hooves was heard echoing around the yard.

Aged in Malmsey Madeira wine and Bourbon casks for 14 years, The Unicorn’s Tale has aromatic and sweet notes of smoke, banana, menthol and lime on the palate, so like the myth itself, this spirit may appear sweet in nature, but it hides a sinister and smoky twist… not to be underestimated.

“The Unicorn’s Tale is the second release in this series, which has been created by marrying classic Ardbeg matured in Bourbon casks with a parcel of whisky wholly matured in sweet Madeira wine casks,” said Dr Bill Lumsden, director of whisky creation at Ardbeg distillery.

“At Ardbeg, we love to experiment with how we can push our spirit’s smoky balance into new worlds of flavour. Some time ago, we decided to try maturing Ardbeg in unusual cask types for the distillery to create sweet and smoky ‘hybrids’– and so the Anthology Collection was born,” added Lumsden.

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