New On The Bar - The Dude Abides - Video

Why not go with the flow and mix up some brandy, vodka, Cold Brew Liqueur and a cassia quill “joint” for The Dude Abides

By: Tiff Christie|January 17,2023

There’s an old expression (… and by old, we mean since 1998, when the Big Lebowski was released) that says that no matter what the world throws at you, it’ll resolve itself in the end … the world abides … if the dude abides …

So when you have the world throwing you a combination of Brandy, Vodka, Cold Brew Liqueur, Amarula Liqueur and CBD Oil, then we can only assume that the Dude really does abide.

So, if you like your white Russian with a kick, some grape-based vodka and 13-year-old Karoo brandy, which complements the marula fruit, coffee and cinnamon, then sit back, relax and let it take you on one hell of a trip!


The Dude Abides

Created at Gigi’s Rooftop Bar at the top of the Gorgeous George Hotel in the city centre of Cape Town, this is one drink is very much a tribute to a film that made White Russians re-famous.

For more information on Gigi’s Rooftop Bar at Gorgeous George, go to

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New On The Bar - The Dude Abides - Video

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