Twist And Shake with the @highproofpreacher

You might know his from his digital persona, the @highproofpreacher but Jordan Hughes has just gone analog with his new book, Twist

By: Tiff Christie|January 14,2023

Award-winning spirits writer Jordan Hughes (otherwise known as the @highproofpreacher) has just released his first cocktail book, Twist.

Featuring over 75 recipes, the book teaches you to master classics like the Martini and Old Fashioned, while discovering what makes these builds so timeless.

From there, readers can gain a good understanding of how to use their tried-and-true specs to create their own riffs, twists and deliciously modern craft cocktails.

We speak to Hughes about the book and ask him to make one of his favourite drinks from Twist.

For more infomation on Twist, go to

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Twist And Shake with the @highproofpreacher

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