Going The Way Of The Albatross

If, like us, you find yourself hankering for a drink that is both spicy and herbaceous, why not try mixing up The Abatross Rock

By: Tiff Christie|January 7,2023

Sometimes you’re just in a certain mood, and only a specific flavour will hit the spot and satisfy that particular cocktail craving.

For us, it was something spicy and herbaceous. We didn’t particularly care about the base spirit, but an underlying element of stone fruits would have been nice.

So there we were, in Southern Africa, with a mighty intense thirst that needed tending, precise criteria and a need to get on to it fast (no time to dally when there is drinking to be done).

Standing on the corner of Bree and Wale Streets, we suddenly heard the sound of clinking glasses and cracking ice and knew we had found a place that might just do the job.
Going by the name Fable, the venue had a contemporary vibe and, luckily for us, a new menu with just what we were looking for.

The Albatros was a rich, heavy cocktail that, of course, included the spice and herbaceousness we sought. With Cognac VS, a roasted peach puree, peach schnapps and a little Sauvignon blanc for good measure, it was aerated through the throw and then smoked to bring out the flavours.

The Albatros


1.35oz Cognac VS

1.18oz Roasted Peach & Thyme Puree

0.67oz Lemon Juice

0.67oz Sauvignon Blanc

0.5oz peach Schnapps


Stir all ingredients in a shaker tin, then throw to aerate before pouring into a mug. If you have a smoke aperatus, smoke the drink for a few minutes to further bring out the flavours.

Garnish with a slice of roasted peach and a sprig of thyme

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Going The Way Of The Albatross

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