Behind The Little Red Door

Behind a Little Red Door in Paris, a quiet revolution is underway to support small producers and champion sustainability with a farm-to-glass ethos that could change the way we look at the liquid in our glass.

By: Tiff Christie|January 7,2023

The French are well known for their revolutions, but if you thought they were simply a thing of history, then we invite you to come behind the Little Red Door.

Guided by bartender Barney O’Kane, you will witness a quiet reformation leading you from farm to glass.

While most of us spent our time doing nothing during COVID, this little bar rejigged, reorganised and reassessed its practices to create a sustainable, producer-dominant ecosystem that could genuinely change the game.

Ranked No.5 in the World’s 50 Best Bars, Little Red Door recently won World’s Best Cocktail Menu for Grounded, the first menu under the new ethos.

To understand a little more, we talk to O’Kane about sourcing produce, experimentation and why even small changes matter.

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Behind The Little Red Door

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