Could A Better Approach To Continuing Education Disrupt Bartending?

Simone Caporale & Luca Missaglia want to shake up how bar courses are done and set a new standard for professional development in the industry

By: Tiff Christie|December 2,2022

Simone Caporale (of Sips in Barcelona) and Luca Missaglia (Cocktail Concierge) have collaborated to launch a new independent online platform offering training & masterclasses for the international bartending community.

Called The Art of Shaking (TAOS) has been designed to offer a selection of innovative digital courses designed to elevate the skills of the professional bartender and inspire its users to ‘think outside the bar’ in their own time, anywhere in the world.

The three initial courses will cover Cocktail Development, Cocktail Menu Creation and Ultimate Bar Techniques, with more to be added throughout the year. Each video lesson is presented by Simone Caporale, one of the world’s most renowned bartenders, and filmed in his multi-award-winning bar SIPS in Barcelona.

Throughout the lessons, Simone showcases techniques, inspiration and his method for drinks development. Videos are in English, with subtitles available in English, Spanish, French and Italian. All membership plans have a 12 months duration, billed annually, and are laptop, tablet and smartphone friendly.

As the first bartender-led, paid-for subscription training programme, The Art of Shaking is completely independent and is not sponsored by any brands. Subscribers can choose between two subscription options: Premium – including the Cocktail Menu and Bar Techniques courses (21 Video Lessons – 3hrs, 57min); or All Inclusive – including all three courses (28 Video Lessons – 5hrs, 40min)

We caught up with Caporale & Missaglia to talk about the course, what is on offer and why it is different from the Master course they have run in the past.

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Could A Better Approach To Continuing Education Disrupt Bartending?

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