A Vintage Christmas With Charles Joly

If you want to be on trend this Christmas and give vintage but don’t know where to start, we talk to Charles Joly about vintage bar tools, vintage cocktails books and vintage spirits to help get things shaking.

By: Tiff Christie|November 30,2022

If you’re feeling a little blasé about the prospect of receiving the same big box store presents as everyone else, then it seems this year you’re not alone. One of the biggest trends around this Christmas is to reject the new and, instead, explore the sustainable choice of vintage.

Especially if you have a cocktail or spirits fan in your life, vintage can be a very enticing option. Buying vintage not only offers you the chance to gift something unique but also represents a piece of history that will definitely be a hit with the recipient. After all, what bartender wouldn’t love a mid-century cocktail book or an Art Deco shaker?

But if you’re not used to buying vintage, where do you start? What should you be looking for? Where do you find it? What should you pay? And how do you know if it’s authentic (or a modern copy)?

These are all questions that we put to career bartender and vintage reseller Charles Joly.

Aside from his business Crafthouse (which produces a bottled cocktail line, as well as a range of (often vintage-inspired) cocktail tools), Joly can be found wandering flea markets and antique malls across the country for his Instagram-based business, Telltail Vintage (@telltailvintage)

So why not get things shaking this Christmas and explore the often beautifully designed world of vintage bar tools, glassware, cocktail books and vintage spirits?

For more information on Joly’s bottled cocktail or bar tool range, go to

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A Vintage Christmas With Charles Joly

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