Shake Up Your Cocktails With These Trends From Monin

You don’t need a crystal ball when flavour company Monin shares its trend predictions for the coming festive season

By: Tiff Christie|November 21,2022

When you think of trends in the bar industry, your first thoughts might go towards those drinks that end up becoming TikTok sensations (yes, Sbagliato, we are referring to your bubbly bitterness right now …). 

These are drinks that randomly catch the imagination of the public and, subsequently, consumers, become popular because … well … you know … reasons …

Now, there’s nothing wrong with these drinks … hell, most of them are solid classics that even the least trendy of us are caught sipping every now and then (who can resist the Pavlovian urge to order an Espresso martini simply because someone else did …)


But relying solely on the trends that TikTok can possibly be a little limiting. Especially when brands, such as the flavour experts at Monin UK have a few other ideas about what you should be concentrating on this coming season. 

Monin believes that as the festive season approaches and venues,. are booking up fast, consumers are looking for new flavours and formats to enhance their Christmas traditions. 

“We all know that the festive season brings with it a huge amount of consumer anticipation,” said Lee Hyde, Senior Beverage Expert at Monin. “Consumers are excited and open to trying new things, but their expectations are high, and they want operators to meet, if not exceed, these. “That’s why we’ve shared our latest insights and trend predictions to help outlets prepare for a spectacular Christmas period.”

The latest report has identified five key trends that are driving consumers’ purchasing decisions, as well as the most popular flavours and drinks formats:



Yes, we’ve all seen sustainability on every list that has come out in the last few years, but it’s a message that can get easily lost as bars gear up for the silly season. Ensuring best practices by reducing food waste, buying local where possible, and repurposing ingredients may all seem like small measures, but as we all know, it’s the small things that add up. Monin has figures that show that during 2021 32% of consumers adopted a more sustainable lifestyle, and this is a figure that is likely to grow year on year[1]. Gen Z, more than any other generation, is increasingly aware of our impact on the planet, with 45% ceasing to purchase certain brands because of ethical or sustainability concerns. The brand, therefore, believes that it is essential that outlets showcase their sustainable credentials and shout about any ways they are trying to reduce waste.

Sweet Citrus

While the festive season brings with it the usual indulgences in coffee cocktails and those drinks that take their inspiration from classic desert flavours, Monin believes that the flavours reminiscent of an early 20th-century chocolate treat are going to dominate cocktails lists this festive season. If you guessed that those flavours might be Chocolate and Orange, then you go to the head of the class. Made popular in 1932 if the birth ion UK confectioner Terry’s Chocolate Orange, these are two flavours that work wonderfully in drinks, not only pairing seamlessly with each other but also with other spirits such as Vodka, Whisky, Cognac and Coffee, to name a few.

How Sweet It Is

While creating cocktails that reflect the flavours of Terry’s Chocolate Orange comes naturally with the season, Monin believes that this trend of confectioner’s treats in liquid form will only go from strength to strength. predicts that we’ll see this trend filter through to the bar, pub and restaurant trade this year, with the likes of Quality Street, Jaffa Cake, Toblerone, and Lotus Biscoff served alongside or as part of a cocktail. And the brand believes that we will see the influence of the confectioners’ hand not only into next year but far beyond. 


Some Like It Hot

For the Northern half of the world, the weather has turned a little too cold too soon, so it’s not surprising that the trend we saw from the pandemic for hot cocktails will be stronger than ever. According to Monin, 2022 will see coffee inspiration spill over into the world of cocktails, with more bars and restaurants expected to serve hot cocktails. The trend is another that gained traction in the pandemic, mulled wines and ciders will remain key players, with Irish coffees, hot gin punches and hot buttered rums becoming more prevalent.

More Will Be More 

Monin believes the days of minimalism are done, well, in terms of the way that cocktails are served, at least. The brand sees bars taking not only their presentation but also drink names up a notch with a variety of over-the-top garnishes and vessels and fun, festive-themed drink names. 

For more information on Monin and its 150 flavours, go to

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Shake Up Your Cocktails With These Trends From Monin

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