Ruben Sudmeier Wins Amaro Montenegro’s Vero Bartender Competition

Amaro Montenegro has announced Ruben Sudmeier of Cafe Niebla in Spain as the winner of its Vero Bartender global cocktail competition

By: Tiff Christie|November 3,2022

Italian Premium Amaro, Amaro Montenegro, is delighted to announce that Ruben Sudmeier of Cafe Niebla in Spain has been crowned winner of the third edition of its Vero Bartender global cocktail competition

Returning after a two-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, the live competition took place in the brand home of Bologna, Italy with a theme of ‘Sharing the Essence’. 14 finalists were invited to create a large-format sharing cocktail that tells the story of a metaphorical or physical journey that has inspired them and celebrates meaningful togetherness following the lockdowns.


Ruben – who is the head bartender at Cafe Niebla in Salamanca – won with his cocktail creation called Wanderer, which features Amaro Montenegro, Pistachio Nut Fat Washed Black Bush Irish Whiskey and balsamic vinegar (recipe below).

Other finalists included Mia Kumari of The American Bar at The Savoy and Simone Corsini of The Four Seasons in Florence.

“The quality of the competition this year was simply outstanding,” said Matteo Bonoli, Master Herbalist at Amaro Montenegro and member of the judging panel. “It was a tough task to decide on a winner. Ruben however delivered an incredible presentation and story and his cocktail was a mix of the perfect balance of flavours and enhancement of Amaro Montenegro’s qualities.

“It was a well-balanced cocktail with a deep and robust note of Irish Whiskey and a sharp yet pleasant sourness from the balsamic vinegar that completes the complex aroma of Amaro Montenegro. Sweet pistachio notes round the overall taste. A great cocktail to be enjoyed at the aperitivo time and after dinner”.


23-year-old Ruben takes home a €6,000 bursary that can be used to enrich their career journey via masterclasses, courses, educational trips, events, professional bartending tools, etc. They will also attend a week-long Amaro Montenegro residency trip to Italy to take part in brand experiences and seminars, as well as a tour of the best cocktail bars across the country.

“It hasn’t yet sunk in,” Sudmeier said, reflecting on his win. “It was such a day, and it was an incredible honour to win with so many incredible talents on the stage yesterday. This whole experience has been incredible, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds with Amaro Montenegro”

From an initial 1000 entrants, 14 bartenders from ten different countries competed in the live global final including: Mia Kumari of the American Bar, Savoy (UK); Christos Kostopoulos of Lora Basel (Switzerland); Samuel Falck of Juliette (Sweden); Ruben Sudmeier of Cafe Niebla (Spain); Simone Corsini of The Four Seasons (Italy) Bobby Kim of South Side Parlour (South Korea); Toma Todorovic of Ambassador House (Serbia); Dimitris Stamidis of Abuelos (Greece); Toomas Laur of Gin House (Germany); Marta Sobiesiak of Best Kept Secret (Canada); Laurynas Lazdauskas of Flying Dutchman Cocktails (Benelux); Mark Van Bruggen of The Bank Bar (Austria); Thomas Opie of Eileen’s Bar (Australia) and Kristi Bima of Nouvelle Vague (Albania).

The Italian word “vero” in The Vero Bartender translates to “true” in English. It stands for the brand’s authentic heritage and the genuine human connections it generates when served.





  • 1.35oz Amaro Montenegro
  • 1oz Pistachio Nut Fat Washed Black Bush
  • 1.69oz Vinagre en Rama Ximénez Spinola
  • 1 dash Premio Tincture

For more information on Amaro Montenegro and The Vero Bartender, go to or connect with the brand on Instagram

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Ruben Sudmeier Wins Amaro Montenegro’s Vero Bartender Competition

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