‘Saw This, Made This’ Cocktail With Bartender Alex Boon

As Bombay Sapphire launches it’s new ‘Saw This, Made This campaign, Australian bartender Alex Boon shows us that inspiration is all around us

By: Tiff Christie|October 14,2022

Creative inspiration is all around us; this is the message that Gin brand Bombay Sapphire and director Baz Luhrmann want creatives to embrace with their new campaign  ‘Saw This, Made This’.

And Australian bartender Alex Boon, owner of Pearl Diver in Melbourne, has drawn inspiration from the transition between winter to spring, using seasonal produce and locally made ingredients alongside Bombay Sapphire.


Boon explains, “My cocktail is an ode to the simple things that bring beauty to my city. The birds setting nests in the trees, the vibrant colours of flowers as they begin to bloom and the produce I acquire as I walk from home to market to work.”

As Australia moves from inter into spring, Boon’s creation includes last season’s produce in the garnish (Bergamot) along with this season’s produce within the cocktail (Nectarine) symbolising the end of one and the beginning of another.

To bring to life the presence of bees on his walks, Alex rested the cocktail in beeswax for one week to give it a subtle nuance of honeyed flavour and texture before dipping the glass in beeswax to add to the sensation of touch when the drinker brings the glass to their lips, softening the drink even further.

Birds & Bees



  • 50 ml Bombay Sapphire
  • 10 ml Nectarine & aniseed myrtle cordial
  • 10 ml Marionette bitter curaçao
  • 10 ml Maidenll classic vermouth
  • 17.5 ml Maidenll Water dilution

Garnish – Edible dark chocolate bird’s nest & Bergamot & white chocolate ‘eggs’


  • Fill ingredients in a bottle covered with bees wax
  • Rest in freezer for one week
  • Pour

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‘Saw This, Made This’ Cocktail With Bartender Alex Boon

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