Create A Mudslide This National Chocolate Day

Let National Chocolate Day inspire your to create the perfect riff on the classic Mudslide Cocktail with Chocolate Flavoured Whiskey

By: Tiff Christie|July 8,2022

4,000-years ago when the Olmec, one of the earliest civilizations in Latin America, turn the cacao plant into chocolate, they would never have imagined that today we would be celebrating National Chocolate Day. But rather than just buy a bar of of the good stuff, it would be more appropriate to do as the Olmec did and drink your chocolate.


But in summer, of course, a hot chocolate will never do, so we thought we’d take some inspiration from US flavoured whiskey company, Whiskeysmith’s, who have turned the traditional Mudslide Cocktail (which uses vodka, cream and coffee flavours) on its head with their Chocolate Mudslide.

Rich, sweet and velvety with a bold finish, the Chocolate Mudslide is all about letting go with something tantilizingly frozen. perfect for spending time outside, the drink is ice cool for hot days and when you have a bit of fun with the garnish is great for a party.

Created for the brand by Melinda Maddox, the Beverage Director and Lead Mixologist at The Reserve by Old Elk Distillery, the drink not only ties alludes to chocolate as one of the most identifyable flavours in whiskies due to its maturation American oak sherry casks, but highlights the brand’s choclate flavoured whiskey offering.

“The most frequent pairing that comes up in our tastings is whiskey neat paired with a square of chocolate after a meal. So we took that to the next level and combined whiskey and chocolate to create Whiskeysmith Flavored Whiskey. It’s delicious on it’s own, and also has a lot of versatility to try as a component in all sorts of recipes”said Maddox

So why not give the Chocolate Mudslide a try by swapping out the coffee flavor with chocolate flavored whiskey, for a delicious new version of the mudslide.

Chocolate Mudslide


  • 2 oz. Whiskeysmith Chocolate
  • 1 oz. Nooku Bourbon Cream
  • 1 oz. Milk
  • 1 oz. Vodka


Combine all ingredients in a blender with ice. Blend on high and pour into a glass with drizzled chocolate sauce. Garnish with chocolate pretzels and marshmallows.

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Create A Mudslide This National Chocolate Day

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